Fight Your Own Way

Feel like taking on a dungeon by yourself? Want to level up through PvP combat? Whether you prefer group or solo game-play, Echo of Soul has a wealth of both PvE and PvP content designed to suit any player.

Customize a Unique Character

With more than 60 skills available per class, tailor your character to play exactly how you want. Each class can also specialize in different skill paths to dramatically alter their role in party combat.

Claim the Souls of Foes

As a Soulkeeper, you have the power to capture and utilize
the souls of your fallen enemies. Purify these Chaos Souls to activate powerful buffs, modify and enhance your skills,
or craft useful items – the choice is yours.

Travel a Massive World

Nearly 60 distinctive maps and over 1,600 quests await you in the colossal world of Echo of Soul. You'll never lack for things to do in one of the most fully fleshed-out MMO universes ever created!