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5th content update: The Dark Legion

Meet Kaiser Zeta

The adventure continues on May 8th, 2014

Explore two brand new maps (level 60+)

Vulture's Vale

Blizzard Berg

The Shadow Knight's army is gathering, spreading menace throughout the land. Take on your foes under a blazing sky and join the battle that will determine the fate of the world!

Landing of the Sky Dragon King

The Sky Dragon King sleeps in the depths of the earth, but the Shadow Knight and his four kings want to break the seal and release his fury on the world. Only you can stop them!

Login bonuses

Get rewards for your loyalty!

The more you play, the more you'll get! Receive XP Cards, Treasure Charms, Weapon Fortification Scrolls, Armor Fortification Scrolls and much more!

But there are even more ways
to get rewards…

This update includes several new types of rewards.
Here's how they work:

Team Rewards

This update includes a new cooperative system: the more you team up with other players, the higher your cooperation rate and the more Loyalty Points, XP, and Dragon Points you'll get! There's never been a better time to play Aura Kingdom with friends.

The Adventure Encyclopedia

The Adventure Encyclopedia allows you to exchange Dragon Points (earned by defeating rare monsters and bosses) for Equipment, Refining Recipes, and many other items!

Changes to the Loot System

We've made several changes to the Loot System: - Dragon Points now allow you to acquire equipment that previously only appeared at random. - Certain treasure chests will now always provide costumes. - The loot rate for crafting materials has been increased in dungeons. And that's not all!

Sharpen your fighting skills!

Discover new weapon upgrades!

The first 8 weapons in the game have been upgraded! Each weapon now benefits from either a new combo system or a new active skill. Discover these exciting new upgrades for yourself when you reconnect after the update!