Hello Soulkeepers,


like mentioned already in previous announcements this weeks maintenance will happen short timed. We want to inform you that we will have Today maintenance starting 12:00 PM CET. This maintenance will take around 6 hours, but please be prepared that it might be take also longer or might end earlier.


Why it is so short timed and so long?

As you recognized already we are moving the complete Aeria System into a new data center and therefore also Echo of Soul Phoenix. Sadly we couldn't inform you earlier when this in detail will happen this why it is so short timed. With this move we promise us to have a better Game performance and experience for you. We had in the past quite some issues, one of the main reasons why this decision has been made.

We thank you for your understanding and will update you as much as possible.


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Your EOS Team





Our maintenance is now over and the portal migration was successful. However, the itemmall will be unavailable until further notice.


Thank you for your patience and understanding!