PayPal Recurring - Monthly automatic payments to refill your Aeria Points

[b]Tired of missing out on sales?[/b] Sign up now for PayPal Recurring payments and you’ll receive an automatic monthly purchase of Aeria Points (AP) with high Bonus Cash payouts! Recurring payments will be charged once every month and will make sure that you’re never left without points in your account during exclusive and limited sales and promotions.

[b]What exactly is PayPal Recurring?[/b] -PayPal Recurring is an automatically withdrawing account that will charge you once a month and give you AP for return in it. These Recurring accounts are meant to be open for longer periods of time, ensuring a regular, automatic delivery of AP to your account near the end of the month.

[b]How do I sign up?[/b] -To sign up for PayPal Recurring, simply select the PayPal Recurring option on the Billing page at and make a purchase in the value you would like to be charged once a month. You also must have an active PayPal account, which can be created at

[b]When will I be charged?[/b] -When you set up your PayPal Recurring account, your initial setup payment is considered your first month’s payment. You will not be charged again until the next month on the 25th, and then again on the 25th every month after.

-Example: If you purchase your PayPal Recurring on November 8th, your next charge will automatically withdraw on December 25th, then January 25th. -Example: If you purchase your PayPal Recurring on July 26th, your next charge will automatically withdraw on August 25th, then September 25th.

We are unable to verify the exact time of payment withdrawal as it varies depending upon the user, but the payment will withdraw on the 25th.

[b]Can I change how much is charged to me each month?[/b] The amount you select when first setting up your PayPal Recurring account is the amount that will be charged to you every month. Make sure to pick an amount you are comfortable with!

[b]Can I have more than one PayPal Recurring account on my Aeria Account?[/b] -Your Aeria Account can only have one PayPal Recurring account associated with it. Additionally, your PayPal account can only be used with one Aeria Account.

-Example: If you signed up for PayPal Recurring on the Aeria Account “userA” with your PayPal account “userB”, you cannot create a PayPal Recurring using PayPal account “userB” on your Aeria Account “userC”.

[b]Can I still purchase other AP if I have a PayPal Recurring account open?[/b] Yes! Even if you have a PayPal Recurring account, you should be able to use any payment provider listed on other than PayPal Recurring.

[b]Can I increase the amount of my PayPal Recurring payment?[/b] In order to request an increase in the amount that is automatically withdrawn from your account monthly, contact the Billing Staff at

[b]If I cancel my PayPal Recurring account, can I make a new one?[/b] -If your PayPal Recurring account is cancelled, your access to create a new account will be limited for 30 days. If your PayPal Recurring account has been cancelled more than once, your access may be limited indefinitely. Abuse of the PayPal Recurring system is not tolerated.

[b]I get an error message when attempting to create a new PayPal Recurring account.[/b] If you are receiving an error message when attempting to purchase using PayPal Recurring, please contact the Billing Staff with detailed information on exactly what the error message states. Tickets can be submitted at

[b]I was supposed to be charged on the 25th, but I wasn’t! What happened?[/b] -If you are not charged on the 25th and you have an active PayPal Recurring account, there are many reasons why the payment could have failed. You should first check that you have enough funds in your PayPal account to cover the charge. You also should make sure that the card you set up your PayPal Recurring account with has not expired. Most missed PayPal Recurring payments will attempt to recharge a few days later, so if you still have not been charged by the end of the month, please contact the Billing Staff.

[b]I have a problem with my active Recurring account. [/b] If you have any issues with your recurring account, please contact PayPal as they are responsible for the monthly withdrawal and will have more information regarding any payment issues. PayPal can be reached at or 1 (402) 935-2050