Hello Soulkeepers,

With solemn news and heavy hearts we will have to announce the closing of our Classic servers. On May 23, 2018 during the maintenance, the NA and EU Classic servers will close their doors forever. The Classic servers have left us with countless memories, friendships and bonds. While these servers have served us well, due to technical issues regarding the support of Classic it is time to close the doors. We would like to thank the Echo of Soul community for standing by and making memories with us in this version. The web shop will be closed for Classic making purchases unavailable, but the servers will remain open until this date.

Fret not, for we would like to invite all users from Classic to expand their horizons and join us in Phoenix with new maps, events and a welcome package offer for those newly joining. Classic will be missed dearly from all players and the team, but you can rise again with your new legacy in Phoenix. We hope to see you soon, Soulkeepers.

To get more information regarding on how to get this Welcome Package and what is in the package you can visit the news post here!

Your EOS Team