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Group: Novice > Spellcaster > Mage > Wizard / Necromancer > Archmage / Demonologist


A magic damage dealing class. Wizards can advance to Archmages at level 65.


Becoming a Wizard


  • High Offense - Wizards have the greatest offensive spells in the game. Orange armor sets can increase magic critical damage up to 60%! They have the ability to attack single foes or a wide area of enemies.
  • Rooting - Wizards have the ability to instantly stun and root enemies. This allows for hassle free grinding.
  • Party Buffs and Debuffs - Although not as strong as the Cleric's or Necromancer's, Wizards can improve the functions of their party members and undermine the abilities of their opponents.
  • Empowerment Spells - Wizards command one of, if not, the most powerful self-buffing skills in the game: Astral Surge. Use of this skill will transform any Wizard from the most damaging class into a Destroyer of All. While under the effect on this spell, any smart opponent will flee.
  • Party Teleport - Wizards later unlock the ability to teleport the entire party to the current area's teleporter, even if the party is engaged in battle. Excellent for leaving dungeons or retreating from dangerous foes.
  • Variety of Attacks - Wizards are able to command various elements all at once: High-damaging, long casting, high-mp cost Fire Spells; Medium damaging, medium casting, medium-mp cost Lightning spells; or low-damaging (Comparatively), fast casting, low-mp cost Ice Spells.


  • Low Defense - Glass cannon basically describes the wizard's defensive capability. While use of stunning and rooting will prevent most enemies from even reaching you, un-stunnable foes and enemies that spawn next to you can cause a problem.
  • DPS - Doesn't have it's DPS till the class change to Archmage. (Double and Triple attack, Tanky, High MCRIT-RATE)
  • Reliance on Orange Tier Armors - The extra critical damage that the wizards orange armor supplies can make or break your damage per second.
  • High Mana Usage - High level skills have high mana costs. Without the proper equipment or talents, expect to use lots of potions.





  • No Ancient Talents Listed

Mastery System

  • No Mythic

Crafting - Weapons and Armor


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