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Once a Darkstalker reaches Lv85 it is able to upgrade its class into WindShadow.



  • Improved healing - Like a Darkstalker with the lvl 66 orange / lvl 70 yellow sword a Windshadow can fully heal himself with 2-3 melee attacks.
  • Ability to escape from combat and ambush opponents
  • Skills with high Damage Over Time
  • Second highest Damage Per Second in PVP
  • Currently has the best if not most useful ultimate out of other classes


  • No permanent anti-stun.
  • Extremely vulnerable to any form of physical exhaust.
  • Low HP and Defense - Compared to other classes, Windshadows have low HP, Defence and Magic Defense.
  • Very little AOE




Ancient Moon Talents

Image Name Required Level Effect Obtained From
http:// Mirage Dashing 2 87 ?? ???
http:// Damage Reflection 2 Sustains physical attack with 50% chance to reflect 100% of damage

VIT increases +20

http:// Brutal Chain 2 ?? ??

Ancient Sun Talents

Image Name Required Level Effect Obtained From
http:// Knock-out Rush 2 90 Enhanced Sweet Dreamer Damage +20%

Evasion +8

http:// Murder Machine 2 Twin Blades Attack Speed increases +10%

Physical Critical Hit Rate increases +5%

http:// Shadow Arts 2 ?? ??

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