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Basic Information

Field Notes

The Whipper specializes in fighting multiple opponents at once. In combat she is a whirling cyclone of death and destruction, using her augmented reflexes to strike any and all available targets with every attack. Her ability to damage and disable any targets within range means she is most effective against a crowd, often keeping swarms of enemies at bay while her allies eliminate more strategically important foes.

Serial Number: 691222884X
Archetype: Whipper
Base Clone DNA: South American
Height: 5'6"
Bust: 32DD
Waist: 21
Hips: 34

Psych Profile

More than any of the other Arkana, the Whipper was designed to relish in combat. A mix of neurological alteration and chemical reinforcement has led them to literally derive pleasure from the act of fighting. They will rush headlong into battle, against overwhelming odds, heedless of the risks to themselves or their allies. But while this enthusiasm does lead to a more effective soldier, it also carries potential risks; more than one Whipper has been lost by refusing to retreat, choosing instead to kill as many foes as possible before they’re overwhelmed.


The Melee Tracking module identifies and follows targets even when on the periphery of the Whipper’s normal vision, generating a three-dimensional map of her immediate surroundings. This creates the common impression that a Whipper can “see in every direction at once,” and allows her to effectively predict and strike targets in a full 360-degree range of attack. When combined with hyper-sensitive reflexes, increased fine motor control, and inhuman levels of artificial adrenaline, this makes the Whipper a devastating fighter even when completely surrounded.

Class Weapon

Named after the Roman weapon used in capital punishment, the SM-15 Scourge is designed to inflict both pain and chaos amongst the Whipper’s enemies. It combines the range and flexibility of a whip with the deadly cutting edge of a blade, and allows a skilled user to engage an entire crowd of hostiles at once. For even greater versatility, the Scourge can be modified to incorporate superheated blades, stunning electricity, and a variety of debilitating poisons.

Class Mech

Though the Whipper is already deadly in a melee, the Athena Mech amplifies her strengths tenfold. Its elongated, serpentine arms grant unmatched range of motion, and the Athena’s energy lash demolishes anything in its path. Based off Narak technology, this fearsome weapon allows the Whipper to stun, burn, or immobilize anyone foolish enough stand against her.

Class Pros and Cons


  • One of the best farming classes
  • AoE specialist, high AoE damage
  • High HP, second tankiest class
  • Can pull enemies
  • Melee with ranged reach (pull)
  • Lots of stuns and locks, most are AoE
  • Strong DoT attacks (damage over time)
  • Very long melee range
  • You are in demand for grinding and pvp
  • Quite a curvey cutie


  • Low single-target damage
  • Few long ranged skills
  • Low mobility
  • Long cool-downs for most of your good skills
  • None of your stuns and locks last very long compared to SW and PU
  • More people play this class so demand for gear is high making your gear more expensive


Active Skills

Icon Skill Name Description
63113.jpg Whip it Good The Whipper's basic Attack. Does not consume SP.
63119.jpg Brutal Scourge N/A
63125.jpg Cat o' Two Tails The Arkana pirouettes in a circle, wheeling her whipblade around to deliver two cracking hits.
63131.jpg Fatal Flail Although the cool time is a bit longer, you perform a powerful attack.
63137.jpg Eternal Suffering A concentrated flurry of attacks that has Debuff of decreasing the target's DEF and VOID, allowing the Whipper to inflict much greater damage on subsequent attacks.
63120.jpg Demolition A vicious AoE whip attack that damages the target as well as any surrouding enemies, while continuously reducing the defense of those afflicted. Higher CH-ATK ratings yield higher damage.
63126.jpg Hardcore Assault A devastating AoE whip attack that damages the target as well as any surrouding enemies, while continulously reducing the Crit rate of those afflicted.
63132.jpg Wrecking Ball A Chakra-fueled AoE combo that damages the target as well as any surrouding enemies, while continuously recucing the Chakra resistances of those afflicted.
63138.jpg Sadist's Choice A middling-strength AoE attack that targets the head, causing afflicted targets to fall into a Knocked-Out state.
63121.jpg Lightning Whip Voltage Chakra attacks cause enemies to become disabled, rendering then unable to use skills. The Arkana whips up an electric Chakra storm, punishing the target with forking lightning bolts. Higher CH-ATK ratings yield higher damage.
63127.jpg Electric Tempest A hair-raising Voltage attack that silences the target, preventing then from using skills. Higher CH-ATK ratings yield higher damage.
63122.jpg Flaming Whip Plasma Chakra Skills deal additional DoT damage every 2 seconds after the initial impact.
63128.jpg Immolation Plasma Chakra Skills deal additional DoT damage every 2 seconds after the initial impact.
345345.png Rising Tempest A powerful Plasma attack that deals continuous damage to nearby enemies every 2 seconds after the initial impact. In a PvP battle, only half the normal DoT damage will be dealt.
63123.jpg Hook and Sinker The whipper uses a strong whip to pull the enemy.
Aggro skills have aggro values in addition to the attack strength.
63129.jpg Provocation The Whipper channels Chakra into profoundly negative energy and enmeshes surrouding enemies, incurring a tremendous amount of Aggro. This skill provokes extra Aggro in additiion to that incurred by the damage inflicted.
4545.png Hook and Sinker II The whipper pulls in the tatget and enemies around it with her powerful whip. This skill provokes extra Aggro in addition to that incurred by the damage inflicted.
63124.jpg Ultimate Soulshield Unleashes an adrenaline cocktail into the Whipper's bloodstream, boosting her survival instincts. While the effect is active, her DEF and VOID ratings become heightened allowing her to mitigate attacks better.
63130.jpg Defender's Might When in dire straights, the Whipper reduces her movement speed to concentrate on Defense in order to survive. The skill consumes SP continuously, using more when the Whipper is NOT in battle.
63136.jpg Intuition The Whipper's exceptional extrasensory perception allows her to divine approaching enemies that are Concealed.

Passive Skills

Icon Skill Name Description
63101.jpg Advanced Health Mastery Increases maximum HP.
63102.jpg Intermediate Soul Mastery Increases maximum SP.
63103.jpg Armor Mastery Increases DEF.
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