Wedding Chapel

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Wedding Chapel

Sacred place for people to join hands in marriage. Play for fun and play for love! Make a romantic story while playing DDTank!

Hold a Wedding: If two players have a marital relation, then they can create their own wedding chapel and hold the wedding there; if the wedding chapel already exists, then they can enter the chapel directly by clicking the "Hold a Wedding" button.

Attend a Wedding: Click the button to find a list of chambers that are holding a wedding.

Divorce: Click the button to divorce.


Holding a Wedding: Chapel Name: Show the name of a chamber?the name can be changed. Password: Tick the box to set a password for the wedding chapel. Allow guests to invite friends: Tick the box to allow wedding guests to invite friends. Validity Period: Click to select the period of validity of the wedding chapel. Longer period saves more coins. Wedding Description: The description of the grand wedding, can be modified.

Confirm: Click confirm button to create a wedding chapel. Cancel: Click to return to the previous interface.

Attending a Wedding ID: Wedding chapel number. Chapel Name: Name of the wedding chapel. Number of People: Current number of players in the chapel/ maximum number of players of the chapel.

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