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This job boasts High HP and Physical Attack power but low MP and Magic-related stats. This job is able to use a variety of weapons and armor as well as shields. The Warrior class has a high survival rate that gets even higher as you progress through the game.
The three major melee weapons are the sword, the axe, and the hammer. The sword is the fastest weapon in this class, but also the weakest per-hit. The axe is the most powerful weapon allowed to the warrior, but it is also the slowest to hit. The hammer is last it is a median between the two giving power and speed.elsewhere.

Warriors can advance their classes at Level 30 to either Berserker or Paladin



  • Multiple Weapons - Fighters have an impressive array of weapons to choose from to suit different kinds of preferences.
  • Tanking - The only starting class capable of mitigating damage well and controlling malice, Fighters are highly sought after for party play, especially when fighting bosses.
  • High Damage Output - Even when not relied on for tanking, Fighters can deal large amounts of damage very quickly, notably when wielding two-handed weaponry.


  • Up Close - Unlike the other classes, Fighters are almost always next to monsters and do not have any of the others' survival skills, so if they bite more than they can chew they'll likely die solo.
  • Gear Dependent - All pieces of a Fighter's Equipment have to be updated frequently to do well, whether in solo or party play.


Damage (Single) Skill

skybreakerstrike.png Sky Breaker Strike
Adds 1 charge point; deals regular attack effects and damage to a single enemy target, plus X pts of physical damage after casting.

weakeningstrike.png Weakening Strike
Adds 1 charge point; after applying skill, cause a single enemy target to receive regular attack and X pts of physical injury, and can reduce injury from target's regular attack by Y pts.

?plugin=ref&page=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%A6%A5%A9%A5%EA%A5%A2%A1%BC&src=skil_b014.jpg Shield Bash
Deals regular attack effects and damage to a single enemy target, plus xxx pts of physical damage, as well as interrupt target's skill casting so that target will fall into stasis; Enemy Malice +YYY. (Can only be used when equipped with a shield)

Damage (Area) Skill

?plugin=ref&page=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%A6%A5%A9%A5%EA%A5%A2%A1%BC&src=skil_b005.jpg Terra Ripple
After casting, all enemy units within a 6 meter radius of oneself will sustain effects and damage of a regular attack, plus X pts of physical damage, as well as falling into Paralysis Y state.

whirlwindchop.png Whirlwind Chop
Charges are needed to cast a physical finishing skill. All enemies with a 6 meter radius around you will suffer X pts of physical damage to your standard attack

Buff Skill

hotbloodedsurge.png Hot Blooded Surge
Physical skill cast on oneself, damage from each regular attack +X%, enemy malice +100% while this skill is active.



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