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Warriors are tanks, but also fairly equally balanced between defense and offense. Warriors are the masters of the straightforward battle. While most warriors tend to charge headfirst into a fight, that does not mean they are thick in the head. As with any class, it all depends on how it is played.




Class Skills

Icon Ability Name Class Level Branch Mana Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Description
Warrior_c_WildCharge.jpg Wild Charge lvl Common 22 Instant 10.0 seconds 3m Instantly slash the target and inflict physical damage.
Warrior_a02_BladeStrike.jpg Blade Strike Class Level Attack 23 Instant 6.0 seconds 3m Instantly slash the target, inflicting physical damage. On a successful hit, the target has a 10% chance of being injured and takes bonus damage equal to 10% of your weapon's maximum damage.
Warrior_a04_Smash.jpg Smash Class Level Attack 14 Instant 15.0 seconds 3m An overhand blow that inflicts physical damage. Amount varies based on level of skill.
Warrior_a08_BatteringRam.jpg Battering Ram Class Level Attack 47 Instant 12.0 seconds 3m Strike the target’s face and inflict physical damage. Has a 10% chance of inflicting additional damage if the Rage Boost effect continues, ending the Rage Boost effect.
Warrior_a10_Fury.jpg Fury Class Level Attack Mana Cost Instant 24.0 seconds Range

Use the Fury ability to gain the following effects for a limited time: Weapon's Damage increased, Physical Defense increased, Overall HP reduced (percentages vary based on level of skill). Fury's effects will be automatically cancelled when your HP reaches a certain point. You can only use one Warrior Gain Skill at a time.

Warrior_a12_SteelTornado.jpg Steel Tornado Class Level Attack Mana Cost Instant 20.0 seconds Range

Launch a rotational attack by using centrifugal force and inflict physical damage. The target has a percentage chance to be knocked unconscious for 3 seconds.

Warrior_a14_RageBoost.jpg Rage Boost Class Level Attack 100 Instant 3 Minutes Range Focus your mind to gain the Rage Boost effect for 60 seconds: Physical Damage increased, chance to Critical Hit increased, Defense reduced

You can only use one Warrior Gain Skill at a time.

Warrior_a03_Grapple.jpg Grapple Class Level Attack 27 Instant 8.0 seconds 3m Inflict a percentage of your current weapon's damage and reduce the target’s move speed.

Percentage varies based on level of skill.

Warrior_a07_CrossEdge.jpg Cross Edge Class Level Attack 35 Instant 15.0 seconds 3m A powerfull swing that inflicts physical damage equal to a percentage of your weapon's damage, and has a chance of knocking your opponent uncoscious.

The higher the Skill Level, the shorter the cooldown time.

Warrior_a09_ShieldSplinter.jpg Shield Splinter Class Level Attack 181 Instant 12.0 seconds 3m

Swing your weapon with enough force to destroy your opponent’s armor and inflict physical damage equal to a percentage of your weapon's damage. This has a chance of starting the cooldown for Steel Tornado. The higher your Skill Level, the shorter the cooldown time.

Warrior_a11_Tri-Slash.jpg Tri-Slash Class Level Attack 55 Instant 30.0 seconds 3m Slash the target twice and inflict physical damage with a powerful leap attack.
Warrior_a15_Rampage.jpg Rampage Class Level Attack 130 Instant 30.0 Range This skill grants the Rampage effect to nearby party members. Those buffed with Rampage will have additional physical damage.
Warrior_d01_AuraBlade.jpg Aura Blade Class Level Defense 14 Instant 5.0 seconds Range Use a swift strike to instantly stab the target, inflict physical damage, and increase the target’s Malice Rate.
Warrior_d03_Bullrush.jpg Bull Rush Class Level Defense 17 Instant 18.0 seconds Range Quickly advance towards the target by borrowing the power of Sylph the Wind Spirit. The higher your skill level, the shorter the cooldown time.
Warrior_d05_SlashASsault.jpg Slash Assault Class Level Defense 16 Instant 15.0 seconds. Range Violently swing your weapon to inflict repeated damage.
Warrior_d07_Provoke.jpg Provoke Class Level Defense Mana Cost Instant 15.0 seconds 20m Use this skill to focus a target's attention on you by greatly increasing your Hostility Rate for a brief time. The higher your Skill Level, the shorter the cooldown time.
Warrior_d13SwordClash.jpg Sword Clash Class Level Defense 68 Instant 15.0 seconds 3m

Call on the power of the Earth God, Titan, to inflict physical damage on the target and nearby enemies according to your level.

Warrior_d04_Stonewall.jpg Stone Wall Class Level Defense 10 Instant 10.0 seconds Range Take a defensive stance to increase your basic defense at the cost of your Dodge and Shield Defense rates.
Warrior_d08_ShieldBash.jpg Shield Bash Class Level Defense 38 Instant 12.0 3m Hit the target with your shield to inflict damage equal to a percentage of your Physical Damage + Magic Defense, as well as a chance to knock them unconscious. This greatly increases your Malice Rate. This ability also has a chance to reset your Defensive Stance Buff and a chance to reset the cooldown for Divine Shield.
Warrior_d10_LionsRoar.jpg Lion's Roar Class Level Defense Mana Cost Instant 45.0 seconds Range Shout a challenge to your enemies, temporarily increasing your Malice Rate to try and force your enemies to fight you. The higher your Skill Level, the shorter the cooldown time.
Warrior_d12_DivineShield.jpg Divine Shield Class Level Defense 78 Instant 8.0 seconds 3m Hurl a shield charged with Holy Power to inflict Magic Damage on nearby enemies, with a chance of knocking them unconscious. This greatly increases the target’s Hostility Rate.

Equipment Types


Sword, Greatsword, Greataxe, Mace


Metal Armor

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