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For Warrior class outfits: Human, Zumi, Anuran, Ursun, Halfkin

For more information on Defense class types go, here

The Warrior is one of the first available classes in the game. Equipped with heavy armor and mighty axes, the warrior's sole objective is to finish the battle quickly and decisively, and with enough HP left to take on any remaining surprise enemies, if needed. Warriors are part of the Defense class type and can access all common skills shared among the Defense classes.



Passive Abilities

Icon Ability Name Description
Warrior_unshakable.png Unshakable Immune to Fear.
warrior_axeexpert.png Axe Expert(Human only) Increases P-ATK and M-ATK by 15% when equipped with an Axe.
Club_Expert.png Club Expert(Zumi only) Increases P-ATK and M-ATK by 15% when equipped with a Clubs
4tFb9.png Great Sword Expert (Anura only) Increases P-ATK and M-ATK by 15% when equipped with a Greatsword
4tFKb.png Ursun Elite (Ursun only) Attacks have a 3% chance to inflict Fear on the target
halfkin_swordexpert_zps21816675.png Sword Elite (Halfkin only) Increases P-ATK and M-ATK by 30% when equipped with a Sword
heavyarmor.png Heavy Armor Mastery Can wear Heavy Armor. Check equipment type in the armor's description.

Class Skills

Icon Ability Name Class Level Cast Time Cooldown Description Duration
Warrior_Onrush.jpg Onrush 1 Instant 8 sec Increases ATK. Instantly charges a target, stunning them for 2 seconds. Requires Melee Weapon. 2 sec
Warrior_SenseofSurvival.jpg Sense of Survival 5 Instant 1 min Increases your Max HP. Also increases Healing done to you. 30sec
Warrior_MetalBluster.jpg Metal Bluster 10 Instant 1 min Increases your DEF. 24sec
Warrior_BloodyAttack.jpg Bloody Attack 15 Instant 6 sec Increases P-ATK and has a chance of striking the target 2 more times. Requires Melee Weapon. -
Warrior_AngryPunch.jpg Angry Punch 25 Instant 4 sec Increases ATK. Deals damage to a target and produces a high amount of Malice. Requires 1H Melee Weapon. -
Warrior_TitansWall.jpg Titan's Wall 30 Instant 2 min Lowers the damage taken by a certain amount. Requires Shield. 12sec
Warrior_Intimidate.jpg Intimidate 40 Instant 2 min Frightens all nearby targets below a certain level, throwing them into Fear. Also decreases their EVA. 5sec
?plugin=ref&page=skill%2F%C0%EF%BB%CE&src=%C8%CF%B0%CF%C4%A9%C8%AF.png Group Provoke 50 Instant 12 seconds Increases P-ATK. Damage all targets within 20m. Increases target damage taken for 6 seconds. Requires Melee weapon. 6sec
?plugin=ref&page=skill%2F%C0%EF%BB%CE&src=%B6%BD%CA%B3.png Thrill of Battle 60 Instant 1 min If hit within the next 20seconds, increase your P-atk and Max HP for 10seconds. Stacks up to 10 times. 20sec
4006162d98f9e56bda2d9cec6a0072fb.jpg Extreme Will 72 Instant 40sec Increase parry and block rate for every successful hit, can be stacked 5 times, lasts 4 seconds. 4sec

Common Skills

Icon Character Lv. Skill Name Type of Skill Cast Time Cool-down Description Duration
HeavyImpact.jpg 1 Deep Impact Varies by weapon Instant 3s Increases P-ATK. If you deal damage while the Destroyer effect is on the target, you have a 15% chance to knock the enemy down. 3s
Destroyer.jpg 3 Destroyer Varies by weapon Instant Instant Inflicts damage every 2 seconds for 12 seconds and decreases the target's EVA. Stacks 3 times. 12s
CombatCyclone.jpg 5 Combat Cyclone Varies by weapon Instant 4s Increases P-ATK and strikes all nearby enemies. -
DeclarationofAnger.jpg 7 Declaration of Anger Self-Buff Instant 20s Increases Malice caused by attacks and reduces the Physical damage taken. 30s
Provoke.jpg 9 Provoke Varies by weapon Instant 8s Increases P-ATK, distracting target to attack you. Also causes target to take additional damage for 6 seconds. 6s

Race Skills

Icon Race Req. Lv. Skill Name Type of Skill Cast Time Cool-down Description Duration
ProtectiveShield.jpg Human 45 Protective Shield Buff Instant Reduce P-DMG received by the caster and party members within 15 feet -10% for 12 seconds. 12s
SurvivalScream.jpg Human 60 Survival Scream Healing/Knockback Instant Increases P-ATK. Heals the caster while knocking all enemies within 10 feet of the caster away. 12s
MechanicalHealingShield.jpg Zumi 45 Mechanical Healing Shield Healing Instant 20s Heals the caster every 0.5s for 12s. 5% of canceling this ability when attacked. 12s
DrawIn.jpg Zumi 60 Draw In Buff/Debuff Instant Increases P-ATK. Pulls the target towards the caster, reducing their move SPD by 40%. No effect on bosses. 5s
ShieldofSwords.jpg Anuran 45 Shield of Swords Self-Buff/Debuff Instant 20s Increases the casters EVA for 12s. When attacked, the enemy is inflicted with destroyer status. 12s
MeteorCrash.jpg Anuran 60 Meteor Crash Strike Instant 8s Increases P-ATK. Charges to and enemy while damaging all units in the targets path. Malice is increased. Immediate
VanguardRoar.jpg Ursun 45 Vanguard Roar Buff Instant 10s Increases the HP of all party members within 15 feet for 30s. 30s
BrotherhoodPunch.jpg Ursun 60 Brotherhood Punch Strike/Healing Instant Increases P-ATK. Damages an enemy while healing all party members within 15 feet. Immediate
AuroraShield.jpg Halfkin 45 Aurora Shield Buff Instant 30sec Reduce M-DMG received by self and all party members within 15 feet by 10% for 12s. Also reduces P-DMG taken. 12s
VictorySlam.jpg Halfkin 60 Victory Slam Strike Instant - Increases P-ATK. If the targeted enemy has less than 30% of max health, P-ATK and malice is increased an additional amount. Immediate


Knowledge Tree

Class Expertise

Icon Knowledge Name Requirements Max Level Description
?plugin=ref&page=%C0%EF%BB%CE&src=%C0%EF%BB%CEkn002.jpg Precise Defense None 20 For each level, DEF +1%
?plugin=ref&page=%C0%EF%BB%CE&src=%C0%EF%BB%CEkn003.jpg Self-Defense None 20 For each level, Max HP +1%
?plugin=ref&page=%C0%EF%BB%CE&src=%C0%EF%BB%CEkn004.jpg War Technology None 20 For each level, CRIT Rate +1%
?plugin=ref&page=%C0%EF%BB%CE&src=%C0%EF%BB%CEkn006.jpg CQC Training None 20 For each level, STR +1%
?plugin=ref&page=%C0%EF%BB%CE&src=%C0%EF%BB%CEkn001.jpg Avenger None 20 For each level, Malice caused by attacks +2%
?plugin=ref&page=%C0%EF%BB%CE&src=%C0%EF%BB%CEkn005.jpg Weapons Mastery None 20 For each level, ACC +2%
Warrior_MetalBluster.jpg Endurance Training LV Precise Defense 10 1 When using Metal Bluster, DEF + 20%
Rapid_Healing.png Rapid Healing Total Knowledge Points 15 10 For each level, P-Healing +1%
Weapon_Master.png Weapon Master Total Knowledge Points 15
LV CQC Training 10
5 For each level, when equipped with Melee Weapon, Weapon ATK & M-ATK +2%
Warrior_AngryPunch.jpg Hatred Release Total Knowledge Points 15
LV Avenger 10
5 For each level, DMG from Angry Punch +2%
Warrior_BloodyAttack.jpg Strength Training Total Knowledge Points 20
LV Weapon Master 5
5 For each level, DMG from Bloody Attack +3%
Warrior_TitansWall.jpg Resilent Total Knowledge Points 25
LV Rapid Healing 5
1 When using Titan's Wall, P-ATK DMG received decreases by an additional 20%
Warrior_Onrush.jpg Lower Body Training Total Knowledge Points 25 5 For each level, DMG from Onrush +3%
Warrior_SenseofSurvival.jpg Survival Training Total Knowledge Points 25 10 For each level, Sense of Survival's duration +1 sec
Physically_Prepared.png Physically Prepared Total Knowledge Points 30 10 For each level, P-ATK DMG Received -1%
?plugin=ref&page=skill%2F%C0%EF%BB%CE&src=%C8%CF%B0%CF%C4%A9%C8%AF.png Sarcasm skills Total Knowledge Points 35
LV Physically Prepared 5
1 When using Group Provoke, enemies will incur 20% more damage, duration +2 sec
Exhiliration.png Madman Total Knowledge Points 35
LV Lower Body Training 5
1 When using Excited, ATK & Max HP bonuses +10%
Warrior_Intimidate.jpg Sense of fear Total Knowledge Points 35 1 When using Taunt, enemy's EVA penalty +20%, duration +2 sec.
(I think this talent works on Intimidate, not Provoke)


Icon Certificate Name Class Level Description
?plugin=ref&page=%C0%EF%BB%CE&src=%C0%EF%BB%CEabi001.jpg Taunt I 10 Malice caused by attacks +5%
Taunt II 40 Malice caused by attacks +8%
?plugin=ref&page=%C0%EF%BB%CE&src=%C0%EF%BB%CEabi002.jpg Iron Armor I 20 All DEF +5%
Iron Armor II 50 All DEF +10%
?plugin=ref&page=%C0%EF%BB%CE&src=%C0%EF%BB%CEabi003.jpg Muscle Flexibility I 30 P-DMG received -3%
Muscle Flexibility II 60 P-DMG received -6%

Certificate Combinations

Certificate combinations for equipping any Certificate unlocked by Warrior, Knight, and Templar.

Number of Certificates Combination Name Description
2 Strength Increase STR +2%
3 Heart of War Deep Impact and Combat Cyclone damage increase by +10%
4 Shield Master Shield defense +50%, HP +20%.

Class Specific Certificate Combinations

Certificate combinations for equipping specific Certificates while using the Warrior.

Certificates Required Combination Name Description
Taunt + Rapier Attack (Knight) Warrior's Fury Bloody Attack damage increase by 12%
Iron Armor + Holy Heart (Templer) Warrior's Sturdiness Titan Wall duration +8 seconds

Equipment Types

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