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For Warlock class outfits: Human, Zumi, Anuran, Ursun, Halfkin

For more information on Magic DPS class types go, here


This grimoire-wielding, spell casting powerhouse utilizes the power of the dark arts to devastate anything that stands in its way.

Warlocks specialize in spawning parasites on their targets and manipulating them with an array of spells that damage while inducing life leach, fear, and debuffs while enhancing their own abilities.

Warlocks also have the ability to summon a pet Behelder to do its bidding.



Passive Abilities

Icon Ability Name Description
knowledgeable.png Memory of Death Immune to Fear.
clotharmormastery.png Cloth Armor Mastery Can wear Cloth Armor. Check equipment type in the armor's description.
WJwn2.png Skull Cloak (Human only) M-CRIT Rate +20%
criticalenchantment.png Critical Enchantment (Zumi only) Received M-CRIT DMG -15%
bloodtattoomc.png Blood Tattoo (Anuran only) Lightning, Fire, and Dark Resistance +10%
bodysurrounded.png Body Surrounded (Ursun only) When equipped with a 2 H weapon, Parry chance +10%.
spiritcontroller.png Spirit Controller (Halfkin only) Move SPD +5%


Class Skills

Icon Class Lv. Skill Name Type of Skill Cast Time Cooldown Description Duration
darkparasite.png 5 Dark Parasite ee_darkness.jpg Dark Instant None Spawns a parasite in a selected host, dealing Dark damage per second. Stacks up to 3 times and has a 30% chance to remove one buff from the target.

Not affected by M-ATK.

shadowarrow.png 10 Shadow Arrow ee_darkness.jpg Dark 2s 2s Deals Dark damage to an enemy. If Dark Parasite effect is on the enemy, has a 30% chance to transfer HP leached by the parasites back to the caster. (Note: This kills the parasites.)

Affected by M-ATK.

wickedpact.png 15 Wicked Pact Summon 2s None Not available in combat. Summons a Behelder equal to your skill level. The pet increases M-CRIT DMG to enemies +50%. Until killed
mandatex.png 15 Mandate Summon Attack Instant None Tasks your pet with attacking a specific target. None
tributea.png 20 Sacrifice Self Buff 2s None Sacrifices your pet. Increases caster's M-CRIT Rate for 30 seconds and reduces your received damage -25%. 30s
nightmareattack.png 25 Nightmare Attack ee_darkness.jpg Dark 1.5s 2s Deals Dark damage to an enemy. If the enemy is under the Dark Parasite effect, bonus damage is dealt.

Affected by M-ATK.

deaththreats.png 30 Death Threats Debuff 2s 60s Frightens all enemies below skill level within 15 feet, throwing them into a Fear state for 5 seconds. Also decreases their G-Healing. No effect on boss monsters. 5s
bloodconverter.png 40 Blood Conversion Self Buff Instant 15s Recovers HP per second for 15 seconds. Consumes 25% of a Behelder's HP to hold the rite. 15s
plaguecarrier.png 50 Plague Carrier Buff 1s 12s Plant a Dark Parasite into target. When the target is attacked, the parasite will lay eggs into the attacker. The parasite lives for 12 seconds. Power of parasite correspond to the level of the skill. 12s
wildshout.png 60 Wild Shout Party Buff 3s 60s For 20 seconds, party members within 25 feet will receive a magic charging effect. Every successful attack on an enemy increases target's M-ATK. Stackable up to 5 times; lasts 20 seconds. 20s
4ccu3.jpg 72 Fatal Curse ee_darkness.jpg Dark Instant 3s Deals Dark Damage per second to targets within a 10-foot range for 6 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times. 6s

Common Skills

Icon Character Lv. Skill Name Type of Skill Cast Time Cooldown Description Duration
firebomb.png 1 Fire Bomb FireType.png Fire 1.5s Instant Deals Fire damage to an enemy with a 15% chance to Stun the enemy for 3 seconds.

Affected by M-ATK.

winterchill.png 3 Winter Chill IceType.png Ice 1.5s None Inflicts Ice damage per second to a target for 12 seconds. Also reduces target's Move SPD -10%. Stacks up to 3 times.

Not affected by M-ATK.

lightningweb.png 5 Lightning Web LightningType.png Lightning None 6s Deals Lightning damage to all enemies within 15 feet.

Affected by M-ATK.

magicboost.png 7 Magic Boost Self Buff Instant 60s Increases caster's INT points and Cast SPD points for 30 seconds. 30s
dimensionaljump.png 9 Dimensional Jump Self Buff Instant 6s Teleports the caster 20 feet forward. Also increases the caster's EVA. 6s

Racial Skills

Icon Race Character Lv. Skill Name Type of Skill Cast Time Cooldown Description Duration
QuickEscape.jpg Human 45 Quick Escape Self Buff Instant 30s Increases the caster's Move SPD for 6 seconds, then heals the caster. 6s
Purification.jpg Human 60 Purification Self Buff Instant 30s Clears negative status effects on the caster and restores MP each second. 6s
SoulExplosion.jpg Zumi 45 Soul Explosion FireType.png Fire Instant 30s Increases the caster's MATK and deals damage to all enemies within 15 feet, knocking them back and decreasing their Move SPD. 3s
PerfectDisguise.jpg Zumi 60 Perfect Disguise Self Buff Instant 30s Transforms the caster into a box, increasing DEF and reducing P-DMG and Move SPD. Effect will be canceled immediately after attacking. 10s
Sirocco.jpg Anuran 45 Sirocco NatureType.png Nature 2s 30s Increases the caster's M-ATK, deals Nature DMG to all enemies within 60 feet in a straight line and Stuns them. 5s
EnergyDrain.jpg Anuran 60 Energy Drain Self Buff Instant 30s Restores MP to the caster whenever they attack or use a skill. 20s
TerrifyingRegeneration.jpg Ursun 45 Terrifying Regernation Self Buff Instant 30s Heals the caster each second for 10 seconds. Whenever a lower level enemy attacks the caster, they are inflicted with the Fear status for 3 seconds. 10s
GravityShield.jpg Ursun 60 Gravity Shield Debuff Instant 30s Reduce the ATK SPD and P-ATK of all enemies within 15 feet. 15s
IcicleShield.jpg Halfkin 45 Icicle Shield IceType.png Ice 2s 30s Inflicts the Winter Chill status, for 12 seconds, on enemies that attack the caster.

The DMG of Winter Chill status is based on the level of Icicle Shield.

FadeAway.jpg Halfkin 60 Fade Away Self Buff Instant 30s Reduce the caster's Malice whenever they attack or use a skill. 30s


Knowledge Tree


Class Expertise

Icon Knowledge Name Requirements Max Level Description
Devil_Contract.png Devil Contract None 20 For each level, Cast SPD +1%
Cursed_Aura.png Cursed Aura None 20 For each level, M-CRIT DMG +2%
Life_and_Death.png Life and Death None 20 For each level, INT +1%
Dark_Magic.png Dark Magic None 20 For each level, M-CRIT rate +1%
Blood_Feast.png Blood Feast None 20 For each level, Max HP +1%
Shadow_Arrow.png Cohesive Shadow Life and Death Lv 10 5 For each level, DMG from Shadow Arrow +3%
Nightmare_Attack.png Prolonged Nightmare Dark Magic Lv 10 5 For each level, DMG from Nightmare Attack +3%
Spirit_Blink.png Spirit Blink None 20 For each level, EVA +1%
Heretic_Control.png Heretic Control Total Knowledge Points 15 10 For each level, MP requirement for skills -2%
Blood_Converter.png Blood Contract Total Knowledge Points 20
Blood Feast Lv10
1 When using Blood Converter, HP Regen +20% per second, duration +2 sec
Tribute.png Evil Embodiment Total Knowledge Points 20
Blood Contract Lv1
1 When using Tribute, M-CRIT Rate bonus +20%, DMG received -20%
Spiritual_Source.png Spiritual Source Total Knowledge Points 20 10 For each level, Max MP +2%
Demonic_Control.png Demonic Control Total Knowledge Points 25 5 For each level, Malice caused by attacks -2%
Mystical_Gaze.png Mystical Gaze Total Knowledge Points 25 5 For each level, ACC +2%
Death_Threats.png Breath of Lost Souls Total Knowledge Points 30 1 When using Death Threats, healing effect penalty +20%, duration +2 sec
Plague_Carrier.png Catastrophe Total Knowledge Points 30 10 For each level, Plague Carrier's duration +1 sec
Dark_Parasite.png Poisonous Parasites Total Knowledge Points 35
Catastrophe Lv5
1 When using Dark Parasite, Dark DMG per second +10%
Wild_Shout.png Magic Spree Total Knowledge Points 35
Mystical Gaze Lv5
1 When using Wild Shout, MGC bonus +10% & duration +2 sec


Icon Certificate Name Class Level Description
soulritual.png Soul Ritual I 10 M-CRIT DMG +10%
Soul Ritual II 40 M-CRIT DMG +20%
demonseye.png Demon's Eye I 20 ACC +10%
Demon's Eye II 50 ACC +15%
multiplecurse.png Multiple Curse I 30 Increases Double Hit chance +1%, but damage decreases each hit.
Multiple Curse II 60 Increases Double Hit chance +2%, but damage decreases each hit.

Certificate Combinations

Certificate combinations for equipping any Certificate unlocked by Magician, Illusionist, and Warlock.

Number of Certificates Combination Name Description
2 Intelligence Increase INT +2%
3 Magic Moon Fire Bomb and Lightning Web damage increase by +10%
4 Demon Spell Master Max MP +20%, M-Crit + 10%

Class Specific Certificate Combinations

Certificate combinations for equipping specific Certificates while using the Warlock.

Combinations Effects
Sorcery_Knowledge.png + Multiple_Curse.png
Sorcery Knowledge / Multiple Curses
Nightmare +12% DMG
Avatar_Master.png + Demon%27s_Eye.png
Avatar Master / Demon Eyes
Blood Converter +5sec duration

Equipment Types

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