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For more information on War Stones and PvP see, PvP (Dueling).

For more information on War Stones and Territory Wars see, Territory Wars.




A War Stone is an item players may use to craft special items, or even trade ten for an Eden Crystal.

Players may acquire War Stones through Territory Wars, Arena Quests, and even through Zumi Racial Crafting.

War Stones cannot be traded between players. They may be stored in the players Bank.

Obtaining War Stones in Territory Wars

War Stones are obtained from Territory Chests.

Players may obtain Territory Chests by defeating the sentry beasts in a Territory War, by doing the repeatable quests available within the Territory War and from collecting the daily territory salary from the mayor in the held territory.

Territory Chests from the Territory War are rewarded via the in game mail system.

Obtaining War Stones in Arena Quests

Kimoso hands out an arena quest which resets everyday around 12PM EST.

This can be completed once a day and gives 2 chests which contains random numbers of War Stones.

Obtaining War Stones with Engineering

For more information on Zumi Racial Crafting see, Engineering.

Zumi Racial Crafting, or Engineering, also allows Zumi players to make War Stones.

This is obtained once a Zumi player is Level 50 and has learned the War Stone Polymerize ability.

Please Note: It takes around 2 Hours to obtain one War Stone and the Polymerize only lasts for 2 Days.

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