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If your using FRAPS, the Movies captured are not compressed so you will have to compress them.

There are many methods on how to do it, and many different formats.

This will outline how to take and compress the Fraps Video (Lossless AVI), to WMA File Archive compression with Variable bit rates. This will be able to be played on Windows Media Player.

Download and Install Windows Media Encoder.

Taking Fraps Movies

  1. Open Fraps.
  2. Movie Settings should be:
  3. Press the Shortcut key to activate the Movie Capturing. Press it again to stop.

Compressing Video with Windows Media Encoder

Open Windows Media Encoder.

  1. In New Session, Select Convert a file.

  2. In New Session Wizard
    Select the file you want to convert which will be the FRAPS save Movies Folder. It will save in the same folder unless you specify otherwise.

  3. In Content Distubution, Select File Archive.

  4. In Encoding Options:
    If you want Video to include all text, then select High quality video (VBR 95).
    If you not worried about blurring in-game text, then select Medium quality video (VBR 75).
    Setting High quality audio (VBR 75) Should be fine.

  5. Let it compress.

Upload Movie File to a File Host

I recommend uploading the file to MediaFire, when it's finished it will provide you with a link that users can use to download your movie.

Here is an FRAPS Compressed Video Sample.

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