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Intelligent and swift, cunning and spiritual, the Vail are the chosen of the Goddess of Darkness. One of the two races that are descendents of the Dumianas, the Vail, while exotic and mysterious in appearance, are not the war-like people most expect them to be. Ferocious and treacherous only when necessary, the Vail seek to find a state of equilibrium in their surroundings. Not as strong as some of the other races, the Vail use stealth and the mystical arts when in battle.

Faction Affiliations

The Vail are members of the Union of Fury along with the Nordein

The Vail are at war with the Alliance of Light

Playable Classes

Members of the Vail race may play as Assassin, Pagan or Oracle


As standard there are five hairstyles, five faces and five heights to choose from.

All female faces/hairstyles vailfemale.jpg

All male faces/hairstyles valemale.jpg

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