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Character Interface

Critical information can be found in your Character Interface. It shows your current level, indicates whether your Battle or Trade class is currently active, keeps track of your health and mana, as well as the progress of your Burst Gauge.

Target Interface


When you target an enemy, their information appears at the top of your screen. This lets you know how much health they have left, as well as their associated element and type. with this knowledge, you can better plan your attack strategy!



To navigate around your surroundings, the minimap is an invaluable guide. Your current location is shown as the white arrow. Quest givers and target NPCs will also appear on the minimap, and they will appear as a small red arrow on the border if they are off the current minimap range. There are also shortcut icons to notify players regarding mail and completed auctions, as well as a game clock that shows current game time and local time.



If you are tracking quests, they will appear in your quest log. Any collection or kill quests will be tracked here and your progress will show under the quest's name. This also makes them appear on the full sized map - target locations will appear as circles on the map and NPCs will show their icons on the map as well.

Event Quests

When in-game events have their own questlines, a notice will appear above your quest log to make sure you don't miss out!

Chat Window


Chatting with other players is easy. Pressing the Enter key opens the chat interface, and you can choose to talk to players around you, your party, or your guild. If you need any help with chat commands, you can type /h in game to receive a list.



Skills, actions, emotes, and items can be assigned to your hotkey bar. There are four basic hotkey bars (cycled through with the small arrows to the right of the - hotkey icon), and the hotkey bar can be expanded to include Ctrl + and Alt + hotkey bars as well, for greater skill flexibility.



The menu in the lower right of the game screen has some useful shortcuts: Skills, Sit/Stand, Quest Log, Map, Crafting, Extracting, and Esc Menu. Accessing the Esc Menu will show shortcuts for Character information screen, Skills, Inventory, Item Mall Cart, the Widget Menu, and the System Menu. In the System menu you can change your game resolution, remap your hotkeys, change audio/video settings, and more.

Widget Menu


From left to right, here is a list of what each icon in the widget menu is for.

Top Row
  • Auto-Run
  • Sit
  • Quest Log
  • Map
  • Shortcut List
Second Row
  • Emote List
  • Party Info
  • Pets
  • Extracting
  • Farming
Third Row
  • Skills
  • Character Info
  • Item Mall
  • Community
  • Dungeon Info
Fourth Row
  • Couple Info
  • Party Search
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