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Character Interface

Understanding the User Interface is crucial for your gaming experiance.
This will provide you with vital information.
1. Character Level: Below your class icon you will notice your character level.
2. Health and Mana Bars: These two bars indicate a player's overall health and mana status. Using skills drains mana, and taking damage drains health. If they drop too low, you'll be in danger of dying, so be sure to keep an eye on them!
3. RP Bar: This system grants players RP when they defeat monsters. There are certain skills in Dragon Knights that can only be actived with RP instead of mana. So stock up and prepare to unleash your rage on your enemies.
4. PvP Status: The Icon with the 2 swords will tell you your current PvP stance. When the swords are parallel to each other you are not in PvP mode. This means that while you are traveling in safe zones players will be unable to attack you. If you click on the swords they will cross, automatically putting you in PvP mode. You will then be allowed to attack other players and they may attack you.
5. Buffs: Buffs will be located to the right of the health and mana bar. If the buff has a timer, the count down will be displayed on the icon itself.

Target Interface

dko_feature_target.jpg When an NPC, monster, or player is targeted by left clicking them, their portrait and name will be displayed. Right-click this interface to display the actions that can be performed on that target.
Name: The color of a target's name shows their disposition toward the player. Red indicates an aggressive character or monster, yellow a neutral character, and green a friendly one.
Distance It's always important to know how far your foe or friend is from your character.

Minimap Interface

dko_feature_minimap.jpg The minimap displays a great deal of information. Quests, NPCs, and party members will all appear as icons on the minimap.

For more details, click your way to the Map Interface entry.


dko_feature_quest.jpg As you begin your adventure, you'll gather a great deal of quests. This will help you keep track of your active quests as well as your progress on each quest.

Menu Bar

Use the menu to access advanced interfaces and options available in Dragon Knights.
Many of these icons also have hotkeys available as well.
menu_character.png Character Info ( C )
Opens your character information sheet, which displays your current stats and gear.
menu_skills.png Skills ( K )
This will bring up the skills interface. This will allow you to view your character and guild skills.
menu_inventory.png Inventory ( I )
This will bring up the inventory interface, allowing you to view and adjust your current gear and items. Items will display information when you hover you mouse over them.
menu_map.png Map ( M )
Brings up a larger map of the entire area.
menu_quests.png Quests ( J, L )
Displays currently active personal quests and guild quests. Allows you to set which quests you are currently "tracking" by clicking on them.
menu_rubiks.png Rubiks
Looking for the relevant information.
menu_friends.png Friends List
This will bring up your friends list. You'll be able to see when they come online and message them.
menu_guild.png Guild ( G )
This will bring up your guild information. How much information and what permissions you have depend on your rank in the guild.
menu_map.png Menu ( ESC )
This will bring up the systems Menu. You will be able to change the graphic setting, manage things like displaying NPC, player name etc. This will also allow you to return to the character select screen and even leave the game. But why would you?

Chat Window

Communication is the most important part of a relationship ... err online friendship! There are several channels available so that you can separate all the conversations. There is such a thing as too much information. This system will make your life easier.

Hotkey Bars

dko_feature_hotkey.jpg DK Online makes customizing your bar easier than ever. More information to come.....
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