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Upgrading Your Equipment


In case you want a little more bite out of your gear but cannot afford new items, Lime Odyssey offers an equipment upgrade system. This will increase the effectiveness of your gears offense or defense.

You may upgrade any piece of gear up to 10 times. However, each increased level is more difficult to achieve than the previous, and there is a risk of losing a level of upgrade or, even worse, damaging your equipment if the process fails.

In order to upgrade your weapon, you will need your gear, some money, and a strengthening stone. A stenghtening stone can be looted off monsters or given as a quest reward. Once you have this, visit a blacksmith and select the "I want to upgrade my item" option. You will see the following window.

  • Insert the item you would like to upgrade in slot A.
  • Insert your strengthening stone in slot B.
  • Slot C is for a Protection Bottle. These can be purchased in the item mall, and will protect your gear from the risk of damage.
  • Slot D is for a Promotion Bottle. This will increase your odds of success.

Enhancing Your Equipment


In addition to beefing up your gear, you can also enhance it - which adds new magical bonuses to the gear! This is a great way to specialize your armor for an extra tough boss, or make your weapons that much more versatile.

You enhance your item by adding a special card to it. These cards can be quest rewards, or looted off dead monsters. Only weapons and armor that have card slots in them may be enhanced.

In order to enhance a piece of gear, all you need to do is hold shift and right click on the piece of gear. This will bring up a menu that will show you the different bonuses you can add, and let you pick which one you want to add. There is no fail chance, or risk, when enhancing.

If you find a better card and wish to remove an enhancement, you can do so at any blacksmith. However, the original card will be destroyed.

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