Untamable Criluph

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Untamable Criluph
Gather materials requested by Heather Brunan
Crillruf's Heart, 50 Amapo Spool, 30 Poison Linz
Level and Location
Level Acquired  :20
Quest Location  : Apulune
Monsters and NPCs
Monsters  : None
NPCs Involved  : Heather Brunan
Rewards Gained
Experience Gained  : 13500
Gold Awarded  : 20500
Items Gained  : None
Next Quest :


Criluph is found just west of the StoneHammer Vill on a hill.


Criluph is a white antelope that has approximately 2467 HP (Dragon Slayer did 74 as 3% of HP) and is green at lvl 25:


Amapo Spools and Poison Linz are random drops from Willieoseu mobs. Amapo Spools and Poison Linz drop best from the Golems and Bears just east of the Fedion Dungeon. Edit: They also drop from almost all monsters in Cantabilian with slightly better drop-rates.

Next you will be asked to go the Liquid Medicine Merchant in Apulune and to buy some medicine from her. 20 grapes, 10 poison antidotes, and 5 holy potions.

Next You will be asked to kill Fedion Leopardess Chasers and Hunters.

Finally, you will have to deliver a package from the mount merchant to her friend near Fedion.

After this a final box come up for you to chose your mount

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