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This is the Unofficial ShaiyaUpdater. The script and FileZilla Server have been bundled and packaged, to make it very easy to use. Two releases will be made, one large file that will contain all the patches from start to finish. One smaller file that will contain just the most recent patches that are required to play. If you download the smaller patch file, you need to make sure that you were able to play fine prior the latest Update or the patch files will not install.

You can check what patch version your up to, by opening the Version.ini file in your Shaiya installed folder. It is the CurrentVersion field.



From ONE of the following links:
Use for Shaiya Client Installer ShaiyaFullClient_US_2008_12.exe, or if your already up to patch 34 or higher.
Shaiya Patch Release 34 to 40

Use for Shaiya Client Installer Shaiya_XFire_Bundle.exe or ShaiyaInstall_20071217.exe ONLY. When complete close the window and re-run Shaiya to patch to 39.
Shaiya Patch Release 2 to 36



  1. Download and Install Shaiya from one of the following sites here:
  2. Run the Unofficial Shaiya Updater executable as Administrator.
  3. Welcome Screen, as shown below:


  4. Agree to the License Agreement


  5. Choose the path to install to, I recommend downloading to your temp directory which is default.


  6. If no errors have occured, the Shaiya Updater will update off of the local FTP Server. Let it complete.

  7. Then either click on Game Start, or close it if you don't want to play at this time. Then the following prompt should appear.


Disable Local FTP Sevices.

  • This requires that you have no current FTP Server Service runnning, such as in IIS (Internet Information Services). If you do have one enabled, you need to disable it prior to running the UNF SU.
IIS - To stop the FTP Server Service:
  1. Select Start >> Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Internet Information Services.
  2. The Microsoft Management Console window opens.
  3. In the left Tree window, expand WORKSTATION, Sites FTP, then click on Site FTP.
  4. Then in the Toolbar above it, click the STOP icon.

Requires minimum Windows Service Pack 2

  • This has known compatibility issues with Windows XP (WIN XP SP0), make sure you have updated to the latest WIN XP Service Pack, prior to installing the Shaiya client. WIN XP SP0 has major security flaws and I'd strongly recommend updating to the latest Service Pack anyway.
  • This has been known to not properly restore your hosts file, if you keep on getting a Cannot Connect to Server message, when you try to patch normally, see below

Windows Hosts file

  • You can either manually clean the hosts file.
  • Or if your want to use the Unofficial Shaiya Updater again and want a new default hosts file.

Manually restore Windows hosts file

  1. Open command prompt, and copy and paste the following:
  2. %SystemRoot%\system32\notepad %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts


  3. If it says no file was found then just click No and exit, as you don't have a hosts file to begin with.
  4. Make sure that the following line(s) is deleted from the hosts file, if it is present:


  6. Save any changes you make. If you can't save, then you haven't got administrator privileges.
  7. Close notepad.
  8. Run launcher, If you still get an error, Flush your DNS.

Unoffical Shaiya Updater - Create a default new hosts file

  1. Open command prompt as administrator.
  2. Remove the hosts system file protection. Copy and Paste the following:
  3. attrib -s %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
  4. Rename your hosts file, to a old backup file. Copy and Paste the following:
  5. rename %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts hosts_old.bak


  6. Run the Unofficial Shaiya Updater again. It will create a new hosts file for you.
  • If you have any further trouble, then you need to learn, what it is your actually doing.

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