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The Union Itself

  • Comprise of up to 30 people, separated into 5 subgroups (or teams) of upto 6 people each
  • Subgroup/teams does not have to be filled before moving people to a new one
  • Party buffs, summon runes, and all traditional party traits are limited to the individual subgroup/team, except...
    • Party chat is viewable by the entire Union
    • Kill credits are shared by the entire Union (traditional "in range" limitation still applies)
    • Experience gain (if they are "in range") is shared (and split/reduced accordingly) by the entire Union (reduction occurs even if some members are not "in range", just like a traditional party)
  • There is only one leader, the leader can be in any position on the Union chart
  • There is only one sub-leader, the sub-leader can be in any position on the Union chart
  • A Union Party is NOT a perfect party, even if you have exactly 7 members
  • All leader resurrection will bring you to the main leader
  • Loot (Only people "in range" and fits into one of the following categories are considered for loot)
    • Master loot : Leader gets all the drops
    • Group loot : In order of list for each subgroup/team, exactly like a traditional party, subgroup kills, subgroup loots
    • Random loot : Random across entire union, anyone kills, anyone may get it

Union Creation

  • Union parties can only be created once you have established an initial basic party
  • Once you have a basic party created the party leader can then right-click their character portrait and select Create Union
    • The Union dialogue will come up asking for initial settings to be established
      • Invitation settings
      • Loot settings
    • Once these settings have been established the union can be created

Members and Their Capabilities

Any member can access their Union options by right clicking on their portrait / hp/mp/sp bar object and selecting Config Union


  • Change Union or personal settings in Config Union
    • Loot options
    • Invite options (Auto or Manual)
  • Dismantle Union (This effectively kicks everyone)
  • Leave Union
  • Invite member (can use /party <name>)
  • Kick member
  • Move members to another group (switch one box for another, whether they be filled, or empty)
  • Use /alert or /raid (sends message to all members in purple text, similar to the /yelling command)
  • Designate leader
  • Designate subleader


  • View Union setting and change personal settings in Config Union
  • Leave Union
  • Invite member
  • Move members to another group
  • Use /alert or /raid


  • View Union setting and change personal settings in Config Union
  • Leave Union

Additional Information

  • Anyone in the same zone without a party can : /join <name of any party member> if the Union has invitation set to "Auto", otherwise they will have to be invited normally (or /party invited) by the Leader or Sub-leader.
  • F1 - F6 works for your subgroup, additionally, Ctrl + 1 - 5 will switch your party mini bar to the different subgroup, so in theory, you can select any of the 30 slots in the Union through the use of Ctrl, #1 - 5, and F1 - F6, though I too find this extremely inconvenient.
  • If your /alert (or /raid) message contains quotes, only the quoted portion will be displayed
    • /alert Watch out for "someone" will show the following in the chat box
    • [Union] someone

Credits to Aeria User : CHOAM for all this information

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