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The pinnacle of power is Ultimate Mode. Gaining levels takes skill and patience. Your increased stat and skill points here will make your character the most powerful possible: 9 Stat points and 5 Skill points per level. All skills become available, and you can use all items in the game, including the devastating Goddess weapons. However, this power comes at a cost: if your character dies, you have only 3 minutes to be resurrected... or your character is deleted forever. A Priest/Oracle can unlock level 2 Ressurection at level 31, the first level that works on Ultimate characters, so before then your options are to not die...or buy ressurection runes from the item mall using Aeria Points, which are purchased with Real Money.

Points Per Level

9 Stat and 5 Skill per level.


Requires the player to have reached level 40 in Hard Mode

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