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Two handed axes are the single most powerful weapon type in the entire game. This power obviously comes with a price - speed. You can make two handed axes using an axe sprite, which not only makes two handed axes, but also One Handed Axes. This gives you the choice of raw power, or speed and power. The two handed axe is primarily usable by the Warrior, Paladin, Berserker, Templar and Warlord, Crusader, DeathKnight, Holy Knight and Destroyer classes.

GvG Axes
Icon Level Name Attack Stat Bonus Ability Durability Required Points
01_Royal_Wrath.png 70 Royal Wraith 4814 VIT +26
INT +30
+10% chance to hit
+10% chance when attacking:
~STR +250 for 20 sec.
160 36000
80 Demonfire Axe 5730 STR +94
VIT +38
+10% chance to hit
Has a 15% chance to activate weapon ability when attacking
Ability: AGI and STR +170, lasts for 15 seconds.
160 48000

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