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Name: Turn-About

Level: 7

Location: Limestone Mtn.

Type: Daily

Activation: Receive from Torch.


"Our work will be delayed if this situation continues."
"Those miners only know how to dig, but the most rare objects can only be obtained by hunting," Torch complained.
"The most precious ores are from Limestone Forged, not the mines."
"{Guardian}, could you get some Raw Gemstones from the Limestone Forged for me? They're near Angor Quarry."
"With more Raw Gemstones, I can prove to Laz that being a hunter has its merits."



"Laz, when I get more Raw Gemstones, you'll know that minerals can also be found by other means."
"Laz, you're old now. Our young men have the new methods, and I can take care of your daughter..."
"{Guardian}, why are you here? Were you listening?" Torch snapped, annoyed.
"Please tell me you got the Raw Gemstones at least."


  • 47 silver
  • 750 EXP
  • 200 Andrew Mining fame


"Wow! You got the Raw Gemstones!" Torch happily accepted them.
"Now that I have so many, Laz will finally understand my way of mining."
"Actually, I can't collect all that much ore by myself, so I have to ask for help."
He grinned, adding, "{Guardian}, feel free to come lend a hand whenever you have time."
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