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General Information

A Trophy is a unique accessory players may equip to increase their character stats. They may be acquired through Dungeons, Fame, Crafting, and Field Bosses. Players may only equip two trophies at a time and may view the equipped trophy through the character window.

While most trophies will increase the wearer's stats, some may also decrease the wearer's stats. In some cases, trophies may require the wearer to attack or cast in order to receive the effect.

Trophies may be stored in the Archive but cannot be traded. Players may also receive more than one of the same trophy.


  • Most trophies may require the player to be a certain level to wear.
  • Trophies are bound to the player account upon receiving.
  • Players may not equip two of the same trophy.
  • Players may receive a reward for obtaining certain trophies.

Trophy Category

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