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Treasure maps may be obtained from several quests throughout the game as a reward, normally for party quests. When you have completed the quest you will obtain a random piece of a map (Top, middle, or lower) when you have one of each piece, visit an alchemist and drag the top piece to the recipe slot and the alchemist will piece the map together for you for two gold. After it's all pieced together, right click your map to unravel it and it should now give you the location in the name of the map and the co-ordinates to visit in the description of the map. Go find the EXACT co-ordinates and right click the map in your inventory. A chest should appear that will often contain green items, sometimes blue and if you're lucky, treasure you may sell at an NPC for a good chunk of gold. There are several different types of treasure maps: old, magic, legendary and fantasy. As you progress and obtain better maps, the loot also becomes better. Also note, there is a VERY rare chance of obtaining a dragon mount from doing treasure maps.


Quest locations

Treasure maps can be obtained through REP quests. You get a random map piece every time you complete the quest. The minimum level needed to begin the quest is indicated by the suggested level ranges for the quests below.

Old Maps

Belcar Plateau, Levels 25 to 32.

Treasure map for Belcar Plateau is usually X=673, Y=46

Angoya Island, Levels 31 to 34.

Demon Hunter Chloe is near the Town Teleporter.

Lv. 31 'Wealthy Merchant's Commision (REP)' - You must defeat 45 Coconut Jelly Rabbits, 45 Cocobongo Jelly Rabbits, 40 Tropical Sunbirds and 30 Red Sunbirds.

The reward is Unidentified Old Map Fragment, 1 gold.png 5 silver.png 74 copper.png.

Plague Forest, Levels 34 to 38.

Demon Hunter Spencer is beside the portal to Blakatoa Range.

Lv. 34 'Expansion of Werewolf (REP)' - You must defeat 70 Werewolves, 65 Mountain Werewolf Butchers, and 30 Mountain Werewolf Warriors.

The reward is Unidentified Old Map Fragment, 2 gold.png 11 silver.png 48 copper.png.

The map coordinate for Plague Forest is usually X=43, Y=160

Bone Reef Peninsula, Levels 38 to 41.

Demon Hunter Nakia is beside the Defense Forces' Camp.

Lv. 38 - 'Surprise Attack On Pirates (REP)' - You must defeat 50 Black Bone Sailors, 50 Black Bone Pirates, 30 Black Bone Cartographers, 30 Black Bone Quartermasters, 15 Black Bone Mecha Armors.

The reward is Unidentified Old Map Fragment, 4 gold.png 22 silver.png 96 copper.png.

The map coordinated for Bone Reef is usually x=601, y=433

Magic Maps

Land of Sighs, Levels 41 to 46.

Demon Hunter Marisa is beside the traveling merchant.

Lv. 41 - 'Angry Old Father (REP)' - You must defeat 50 Ruins Keepers, 45 Ruins Fighters, 50 Ruins Defenders, 45 Ruins Remnants.

The reward is Unidentified Magic Map Fragment, 4 gold.png 14 silver.png 69 copper.png, 291??? EXP.

Lv. 44 - 'Unrelievable Anger (REP)' - You must defeat 60 Ancient Dragon Whelp, 60 Dragon Rock Whelp, 40 Ancient Dragon.

The reward is Unidentified Magic Map Fragment, 4 gold.png 58 silver.png 77 copper.png, 322659 EXP.

The coordinate map for Land of Sighs is usually X=526, Y=834

Scorching Wind Desert, Levels 43 to 46.

Demon Hunter Forlin is in the Water Resources Survey Site.

Lv. 43 - 'Obstacles to Exploration (REP)' - You must defeat 50 Bath Stone Guards, 45 Bath Stone Warriors, 50 Desert Bone Vultures, 45 Red Sands Vultures.

The reward is Unidentified Magic Map Fragment, 4 gold.png 39 silver.png 82 copper.png, 309399 EXP.

Lv. 45 - 'Mina's Trouble (REP)' - You must defeat 50 Condor Defenders, 50 Condor Mercenaries, 35 Condor Snipers, 35 Condor Witch Doctors, 20 Condor Battle Mecha.

The reward is Unidentified Magic Map Fragment, 4 gold.png 71 silver.png 24 copper.png.

The treasure map coordinate for Scorching Wind Desert is usually X=396, Y=252 or X=431, Y=500

Legendary Maps

Misty Wetlands, Levels 47 to 54.

Demon Hunter Heidi is just west of Steam Chateau No. 2.

Lv. 47 - 'Passenger Safety (REP)' - You must defeat 55 Whiterock Spider, 45 Female Whiterock Spider, 55 Wetland Jelly Rabbit, 45 Piranha Pitcher Plant.

The reward is Unidentified Legendary Map Fragment, 7 gold.png 0 silver.png 40 copper.png, 395929 EXP.

Lv. 50 - 'Catty Water Maidens (REP)' - You must defeat 100 Eifell Guardians and 80 Eifell Water Spirit.

The reward is Unidentified Legendary Map Fragment, 7 gold.png 41 silver.png 54 copper.png, 419219 EXP

Lost Highlands, Levels 49 to 55.

The map coordinate for Lost Highlands is usually X=838, Y=255 or X=665, Y=459

Fantasy Maps

Gaia Woodlands, Levels 53 to 60.

Blakatoa Range, Levels 54 to 60.

Demon Hunter Scully is just west of Scorching path.

Lv. 55 - 'Spider Phobia (REP)' - You must defeat 100 Scorching Spiders and 100 Blackrock Spiders.

The reward is Unidentified Fantasy Map Fragment, 9 gold.png 44 silver.png 97 copper.png, 472599 EXP.

Current Known Treasures (to sell to NPCs)

Diamond - 250 gold.png 0 silver.png 0 copper.png

Skyfire Diamond - 150 gold.png 0 silver.png 0 copper.png

Gold Bar - 50 gold.png 0 silver.png 0 copper.png

Silver Statue - 17 gold.png 50 silver.png 0 copper.png

Black Pearl - 5 gold.png 0 silver.png 0 copper.png

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