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Treasure Maps and Treasure Hunting

You may find pieces of broken maps during your adventures. These can be fused, requiring the first, second and third piece to form a fully functional map. To fuse the map, right-click on the first piece portion of the map and a fusion window will pop up. Fuse the three pieces and paying a small fee and you will have a fully formed map in your inventory. Make sure the map pieces that you have are from the same level range. These fully formed maps can be used (right-click to use) to uncover hidden treasures and other valuables. Once you use your treasure map it will uncover a map with the precise location of the treasure. Head to the location indicated on the map and use (right-click) the map again to unearth the treasure. They can appear as wooden chest, clay pots, totem pole, jar or any fascinating (or strange and unique) containers. Destroy the container to claim your treasure. It can be anything from common equipment, uncommon equipment, crafting materials and even rare and valuable equipment.

If you are running out of inventory space, it is strongly suggested that you don't identify the map since unidentified maps can be stacked in your inventory slot but identified ones cannot.


How do I make a map?

You need the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd pieces of maps and they must all be for the same level. Right click the 1st piece or click the Fusion button on your mini-map (right hand side, 2nd button). Left select the 1st piece in your inventory (it will be highlighted green)and place it in the fusion box. You must pay a small fee so make sure you have enough silver/gold on you. Then in the Fusion window click the Fusion button. It will only make one map at a time.

P.S. This makes an Unidentified Map unidentifiedtreasuremap.png , right click it in your inventory to get an actual location map treasuremap.png with the coordinates.

These coordinates don't exist! Who designed this anyway?

Make sure you are on the correct map. Although most fused maps will be for the same location, the odd one will be for a lower level location (ex.Lvl 20 map pieces will create maps for Goss Mountain, but also occasionally for Rainbowfall Forest). Hover your mouse over the map and read the top description to figure out which location it is for.

I'm having a hard time finding these exact coordinates and monsters are slaughtering me, help!

If you press "M" to bring up your map(or alternatively, press the globe icon on the top right corner of your screen), moving your mouse over it will show you the mouse coordinates in the bottom right corner. Once you are in the general area left click your mouse to make your character auto-run there. The path may occasionally be blocked, manually move closer and then try again. You may want to kill any attacking monsters before you right click your map to get your treasure.

P.S. You don't have to be in the exact, exact location. Usually 5 coordinate numbers either way is close enough. It is suggested that a Thief's Nimbleness ability will be useful to avoid attracting the monsters.

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