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Completing certain tasks will bestow special titles upon your character. If a quest or achievement awards a title, it will be listed in the Quest Reward section of the Quest Log. Earning titles is a great way to receive extra bonuses that will make your character even more powerful. Title bonuses are cumulative, so it is definitely worth your while to earn as many as you can.

To view the titles that your character has earned, click on the Personal Title tab in the Character Sheet.

The Title Info section shows which title is currently equipped. This is the title that will appear over your character's name and is visible to other players.

The Title List area shows all the titles that character has earned and the stat bonus granted from obtaining each title. You can equip any of the titles listed here.

The bottom of the Personal Title screen displays the cumulative bonuses from all the titles the character has earned thus far.

Full List

TitleLevelBonusAchievementMapDungeon Name
Envoy of Gaia - DMG+16The Journey of DestinyPort Skandia -
Peacekeeper10HP+30Freedom of Helonia CoastHelonia Coast -
Defiant Heart20DMG+32A Song of BlessingCrescent Hill -
The Terminator30HP+50Battle BotsCactakara Forest -
Miracle Worker40DMG+48The Demarech MinesDemarech Mines -
The Huntsman45HP +70Epoch of Triatio HighlandsTriatio Highlands -
CSI45DMG+56Crime Scene InvestigationCandeo Marsh -
Ventos Tribe Warrior50HP +80The Ventos Prairie KingVentos Prairie -
Lifebringer Rebirth of an Ancient LandOblitus Wood -
Relic Hunter Treasure in a Sea of SandStar Sand Desert -
Skandia Local - CRIT+2Port Skandia ExplorerPort Skandia -
Helonia Beach Bum10EVA+3Helonia Coast ExplorerHelonia Coast -
Lunar Legend20CRIT+4Crescent Hill ExplorerCrescent Hill -
Cactakara Chatter30EVA+5Cactakara Forest ExplorerCactakara Explorer -
I Can Dig It40CRIT+6Demarech Mines ExplorerDemarech Mines -
Highlander45EVA+7Triatio Highlands ExplorerTriatio Highlands -
Citizen Of Candeo45CRIT+7Candeo Marsh ExplorerCandeo Marsh -
Run Like The Wind50EVA +8Ventos Prairie ExplorerVentos Prairie -
Oblitus Wood ExplorerOblitus Wood -
Star Sand Desert ExplorerStar Sand Desert -
Personal Assistant25DMG+16Running ErrandsNavea -
Good Samaritan25CRIT+4Good DeedsNavea -
The Seeker25HP+20Hide And SeekNavea -
Private25EVA+4Boot CampNavea -
Sales Pitcher25DMG+16Grand OpeningNavea -
Light Bearer25CRIT+4Welcoming LightNavea -
Tourist25HP+20Seeing the SightsNavea -
Deputy25EVA+4Safety FirstNavea -
Express Courier25DMG+16Special DeliveryNavea -
Ace Angler25HP+20A Rare CatchNavea -
Caregiver - DMG+8Tender Loving CarePort Skandia -
First Aid Assistant - CRIT+2In Case of EmergencyPort Skandia -
Witch's Familiar - HP+10Witchy WomanPort Skandia -
Immortal Flame - EVA+2Everlasting LightPort Skandia -
Pet Whisperer - DMG+8A Pet of Her OwnPort Skandia -
Angler Prodigy - CRIT+2The Allure of FishingPort Skandia -
Budding Artist - HP+10MasterpiecePort Skandia -
Sommelier - EVA+2A Fine WinePort Skandia -
Acolyte - DMG+8Tested On AnimalsPort Skandia -
Vanquisher - HP+10Barter ExchangePort Skandia -
Indiscriminate Looter10DMG+12Pirate's TreasureHelonia Coast -
Mail Carrier10CRIT+3Message in a BottleHelonia Coast -
Beetle Master10HP+15Ring LeaderHelonia Coast -
Extreme Fisherman10EVA+3Troubled WatersHelonia Coast -
Private Eye10DMG+12Spy GameHelonia Coast -
Gourmet Chef10CRIT+3Delectable DishHelonia Coast -
Cursed Seafarer10HP+15Curse of the Seven SeasHelonia Coast -
Aerologist10EVA+3Study of the WindHelonia Coast -
Pirate King10DMG+12Dream of the Ocean BlueHelonia Coast -
Best Buddy10HP+15Man's Best FriendHelonia Coast -
Fashionista20DMG+16MetamorphosisCrescent Hill -
Ace Mechanic20CRIT+4Something out of NothingCrescent Hill -
Super Cool20HP+20EpicCrescent Hill -
Modern Relic20EVA+4Ancient MessageCrescent Hill -
The Glutton20DMG+16Pasture StoryCrescent Hill -
Wine Enthusiast20CRIT+4Sweet NectarCrescent Hill -
Superstitious20HP+20Wigging OutCrescent Hill -
King of the Ring20EVA+4My PreciousCrescent Hill -
The Illusionist20DMG+16Moon GoddessCrescent Hill -
Florist20HP+20AromatherapyCrescent Hill -
The All-Powerful30DMG+20Super PowerCactakara Forest -
Daydreamer30CRIT+5Legacy of MemoriesCactakara Forest -
Sizzlin'30HP+25Up In SmokeCactakara Forest -
Bot Spotter30EVA+5Scrap RobotCactakara Forest -
Master of Meditations30DMG+20Fierce MeditationCactakara Forest -
Botanist30CRIT+5Purple LotusCactakara Forest -
Iron Man30HP+25Iron ManCactakara Forest -
Sarpa Watcher30EVA+5Field StudyCactakara Forest -
Royal Courtier30DMG+20One BiteCactakara Forest -
Fairytale Hero30HP+25Fairytale ForestCactakara Forest -
Mine Crafter40DMG+24One Man's Treasure -
Demolition Pro40CRIT+6StonemanDemarech Mines -
Lake Deity40HP+30Wishing WellDemarech Mines -
Lion Tamer40EVA+6Taming the BeastDemarech Mines -
Memory Broker40DMG+24Sentimental ValueDemarech Mines -
Stone Mason40CRIT+6Stone's ThrowDemarech Mines -
Sharpshooter40HP+30Angry BirdDemarech Mines -
Guide40EVA+6Following DirectionsDemarech Mines -
Mother Goose40DMG+24Sunny Side UpDemarech Mines -
The Freshmaker40HP+30Good Enough to DrinkDemarech Mines -
Phantasm45DMG+28Finding Shangri-LaTriatio Highlands -
Naysayer45CRIT+7You'll Poke Your Eyes OutTriatio Highlands -
Dragon Hunter45HP+35Great Dragon HunterTriatio Highlands -
Soul Keeper45EVA+7Genie in the Unholy GrailTriatio Highlands -
Animal Companion45DMG+28Walk This WayTriatio Highlands -
Mr. Freeze45CRIT+7Ice-Cold Cactus-AdeTriatio Highlands -
The Falcon45HP+35Avian SpellTriatio Highlands -
El Matador45EVA+7BullfighterTriatio Highlands -
Food Critic45DMG+28Meal Fit For A GiantTriatio Highlands -
Bullseye45HP+35Two Birds One StoneTriatio Highlands -
Super Nanny45DMG+28Good GenesCandeo Marsh -
Super Mushroom45CRIT+7Mushroom CuisineCandeo Marsh -
Turtle Master45HP+35Ninja TurtlesCandeo Marsh -
Human Guinea Pig 45EVA+7Enchanted WaterCandeo Marsh -
Shun the Nonbeliever! 45DMG+28Save the Unicorns!Candeo Marsh -
Monstrous 45CRIT+7Swamp ThingCandeo Marsh -
Die Hard 45HP+35Former GloryCandeo Marsh -
Master Looter 45EVA+7First DibsCandeo Marsh -
Little Cupid 45DMG+28A Dangerous ProposalCandeo Marsh -
Bodyguard 45 HP+35 Playing Bodyguard Candeo Marsh -
Ventos Hunter DMG +32 The Great Hunt Ventos Prairie -
Harbinger CRIT +8 Know Your Place Ventos Prairie -
Blessed One HP +40 You Have My Blessing Ventos Prairie -
Exterminator EVA +8 Mousetrap Ventos Prairie -
Lab Rat DMG +32 Side Effects Include... Ventos Prairie -
Lion's Pride CRIT +8 Wrath of the Lioness Ventos Prairie -
Hairdresser HP +40 Mane Event Ventos Prairie -
Rough Rider EVA +8 Blazing Saddles Ventos Prairie -
Wolf Dancer DMG +32 Dances With Wolves Ventos Prairie -
Undercover Agent HP +40 Master of Disguise Ventos Prairie -
Unbreakable DMG +32 Bolstering Defenses Oblitus Wood -
Steadfast Heart The Irreplaceable Oblitus Wood -
Commander Strength In Numbers Oblitus Wood -
The Energizer Energizers Oblitus Wood -
Third Wheel Thinking Cap Oblitus Wood -
Witch Doctor Natural Remedy Oblitus Wood -
Problem Child Lost Oblitus Wood -
The Escapist The Getaway Car Oblitus Wood -
Search And Rescue Spot Investigation Oblitus Wood -
Mountaineer Sky's The Limit Oblitus Wood -
Overly Cautious Crikey Star Sand Desert -
Archaeologist Old Bones Star Sand Desert -
Vanity Fair Desert Rose Star Sand Desert -
Eco-Nurse Empty Nest Syndrome Star Sand Desert -
Trailblazer Diamond in the Rough Star Sand Desert -
Ever Watchful Open Sesame! Star Sand Desert -
Tomb Raider Ancient Key Star Sand Desert -
Foodie Prickly Pear Star Sand Desert -
The Riddler Treasure Trove Star Sand Desert -
Expedition Leader Leave of Absence Star Sand Desert -
Life After Death28HP+6Sonjuno's Demise x3Crescent HillAlabastren Temple (Solo)
Big Comeback28DMG+7Sonjuno's Demise x5Crescent HillAlabastren Temple (Solo)
Walking Dead28HP+12Sonjuno's Demise x10Crescent HillAlabastren Temple (Solo)
Camp Enthusiast38DMG+7Shutting Down Kayel x3Cactakara ForestGydaie Glen (Solo)
The Follower38HP+12Shutting Down Kayel x5Cactakara ForestGydaie Glen (Solo)
Bearer of Secrets38DMG+11Shutting Down Kayel x10Cactakara ForestGydaie Glen (Solo)
The Betrayer Dismiss Titanus x10Demarech MinesMiner's Steppe (Solo)
Neverender Dismiss Titanus x20Demarech MinesMiner's Steppe (Solo)
Dismiss Titanus x30Demarech MinesMiner's Steppe (Solo)
Behemoth Begone x10Triatio HighlandsDeep's Cavern (Solo)
Behemoth Begone x20Triatio HighlandsDeep's Cavern (Solo)
Behemoth Begone x30Triatio HighlandsDeep's Cavern (Solo)
Asheara's Defeat x10Candeo MarshCandeo Core (Solo)
Asheara's Defeat x20Candeo MarshCandeo Core (Solo)
Asheara's Defeat x30Candeo MarshCandeo Core (Solo)
Frederic Vanquished x30Ventos Prairie
Frederic Vanquished x60Ventos Prairie
Frederic Vanquished x100Ventos Prairie
Slaying Talen x30Oblitus Wood
Slaying Talen x60Oblitus Wood
Slaying Talen x100Oblitus Wood
Talamund's Finale x30Star Sand Desert
Talamund's Finale x60Star Sand Desert
Talamund's Finale x100Star Sand Desert
Barely Alive28HP+12Sonjuno's Demise x3 (Party)Crescent HillAlabastren Temple (Party)
Demolition Party28DMG+14Sonjuno's Demise x5 (Party)Crescent HillAlabastren Temple (Party)
Undead28HP+24Sonjuno's Demise x10 (Party)Crescent HillAlabastren Temple (Party)
Super Friend38DMG+14Shutting Down Kayelx3 (Party)Cactakara ForestGydaie Glen (Party)
The Compass38HP+24Shutting Down Kayelx5 (Party)Cactakara ForestGydaie Glen (Party)
Secret Guardian38DMG+22Shutting Down Kayelx10 (Party)Cactakara ForestGydaie Glen (Party)
The Unforgiven43HP +24Dismiss Titanus x10 (Party)Demarech MinesMiner's Steppe (Party)
Take It Easy43DMG +22Dismiss Titanus x20 (Party)Demarech MinesMiner's Steppe (Party)
Rare Encounter43HP +36Dismiss Titanus x30 (Party)Demarech MinesMiner's Steppe (Party)
Famished48DMG +22Behemoth Begone x10 (Party)Triatio HighlandsDeep's Cavern (Party)
Test Dummy48HP +36Behemoth Begone x20 (Party)Triatio HighlandsDeep's Cavern (Party)
Behemoth Begone x30 (Party)Triatio HighlandsDeep's Cavern (Party)
Blue Man Group48HP +30Asheara's Defeat x10 (Party)Candeo MarshCandeo Core (Party)
The Crazy One48DMG +26Asheara's Defeat x20 (Party)Candeo MarshCandeo Core (Party)
Asheara's Defeat x30 (Party)Candeo MarshCandeo Core (Party)
Frederic Vanquished x30 (Party)Ventos Prairie
Frederic Vanquished x60 (Party)Ventos Prairie
Frederic Vanquished x100 (Party)Ventos Prairie
Slaying Talen x30 (Party)Oblitus Wood
Slaying Talen x60 (Party)Oblitus Wood
Slaying Talen x100 (PartyOblitus Wood
Talamund's Finale x30 (Party)Star Sand Desert
Talamund's Finale x60 (Party)Star Sand Desert
Talamund's Finale x100 (Party)Star Sand Desert
Banisher - - Tetalo, Be Gone! x5 (Party) - Dimensional Hall (above Lv20)
The Butcher - - Slaughter Voskelu x5 (Party) - Dimensional Hall (above Lv35)
Floppy Brain's Lobotomy x30 (Party) - Dimensional Hall (above Lv45)
Conquering Basalt x30 (Party) - Dimensional Hall (above Lv55)
Skandia Soldier - DMG+4Hero of Port SkandiaPort Skandia
Helonia Hero - DMG+6Hero of Helonia CoastHelonia Coast
Crescent Conqeurer - DMG+8Hero of Crescent HillCrescent Hill
Cactakara Curator - DMG+10Hero of Cactakara ForestCactakara Forest
Demarech Duelmaster-DMG+12Hero of Demarech MinesDemarech Mines
Triatio Tempest - DMG+14Hero of Triatio HighlandsTriatio Highlands
Candeo Chieftain - DMG+14Hero of Candeo MarshCandeo Marsh
Ventos Victor - DMG +16Hero of Ventos PrarieVentos Prarie
Oblitus Overlord Hero of Oblitus WoodOblitus Wood
Hero of SanknieStar Sand Desert
That Was It? - - Just an Incarnation (Party)
Not the Eidolon You're Looking For - - What's Next? (Party)
Is It Warm In Here? - - Heating Up (Party)
Hot Mess - - Breaking A Sweat (Party)
Another Knuckle Sandwich (Party)
Time and Time Again (Party)
I'll Find You Sooner or Later (Party)
Don't You Dare Run Away (Party)
Is This Really the Last One? (Party)
The Molten Core (Party)
Panther Puncher
Pirate King
I'm The Strongest
Humble Hermit
Raise the Roof
Into the Wild Blue Yonder
Into the Stratosphere
Reach for the Stars
Deep Space
Uncharted Space
Where No Envoy Has Gone Before
Edge of the Universe
Piercing the Heavens
Nagging Nightmare
Sweet Dreams
Recycle and Reuse
Empty Land
Beaten Bloody
Melt Face
Disintigrate Face
Reseal (Party)
Nagging Nightmare (Party)
Sweet Dreams (Party)
Annihilated (Party)
Recycle and Reuse (Party)
Empty Land (Party)
Beaten Bloody (Party)
Melt Face (Party)
Disintegrate Face (Party)
Small Fry
Growing Up
Beginner's Luck40CRIT+10Blood on Your Hands
Contract Killer40EVA+20Desensitized
Hit Man40CRIT+30Giving It 110%
Thrill of the Kill
Over 9000
Battlefield Champion
Battlefield Silver Star
A Winner is You!
Arena Champion
King of Fighters50DMG +15Unstoppable
Godhand50DMG +20Unlimited Power!
Brimming Potential - - Born A Legend
Novice Adventurer - - The Whisper of Hope
Brave Student - - Existing Legend
Shooting Star - - Believe the Legend
Seize the Day
Aura of Greatness
Eidolon Envoy - - Bond Eternal
The Dance
Eidolon's Honor
New Student
Apple of Her Eye
The Roof Is On Fire
Alessa the Explorer
Spirit of Competition
Music of the Heart
Rise to Greatness
Shady Dealer
Word of Mouth
Open Door Policy
A New Hope
Ignorance Is Bliss
Photo Bomb
Jewel of the Desert
Tough Love
Wet and Wild
Sound of Clarity
Fool's Gold
Lab Rats Wanted
Ready to Blow
Knights of the Round
Setting Priorities
The Way Out
The Wolf Dragon
Spa Day
The Girl in the Moon
Pumpkin Time
Burning Spirit
Man of Steel
Giga's Stamp of Approval
Coronal Mass Ejection
Aelius' Stamp of Approval
Shadow Boxing
Eligos' Stamp of Approval
Death Is Only the Beginning
Sigrun's Stamp of Approval
World's Unseen
Bel-Chandra's Stamp of Approval
Angelic Sense of Style
Uzuriel's Stamp of Approval
Descendant of the Dragon
Vayu's Stamp of Approval
It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's Quelkulan!
Quelkulan's Stamp of Approval
Shoot for the Stars
Yarnaros' Stamp of Approval
North is That Way, Right?
Bahadur's Stamp of Approval
Can You Believe She's Single?
Kotonoha's Stamp of Approval
Ruler of the Animal Kingdom
Tigerius Caesar's Stamp of Approval
Dual Blades Refining Expert
Sword and Shield Refining Expert
Great Axe Refining Expert
Staff Refining Expert
Dual Pistols Refining Expert
Cannon Refining Expert
Grimoire Refining Expert
Harp Refining Expert
Defense Apprentice - - Defense Armor Apprentice
Lethal Apprentice - - Lethal Battle Armor Apprentice
Defense Specialist - - Defense Armor Specialist
Lethal Specialist - - Lethal Battle Armor Specialist
Defense Armor Craftsman
Lethal Battle Armor Craftsman
Dexterous Armor Craftsman
Armor Refining Apprentice
Armor Refining Specialist
Armor Refining Craftsman
Katar Crafting Expert
Alchemical Expert
Snake Oil Seller30HP +30Pharmaceutical Apprentice
Pharmaceutical Specialist
Elemental Potion Master
Backstabber45 - Heart Seeker
Scales of Justice45 - Heroic Adventurer
Soul Shaker
Don't Stare Directly At It
Death Sentence
World Shaker
Intellectual Elite45 - Librarian
String Them Along45 - Bird Song
Crime and Punishment
Thick Neck
Till Death Do Us Part
Demon Hunter
Eye See You
Signs of Divinity
In Your Ear
Clipped Wings
Eternal Curse
Not an Angel
Twin Fangs
Never Give Up
Off with Their Heads
In Reach
Cleansing Fire
Fire from the Sky
Encyclopedic Knowledge
Grand Finale
Fingers of Death
Specialty Rod 1
Specialty Rod 2
Specialty Rod 3
The Greatest Aurora
The Ocean's Deapths
Absolute Zero
Expert Dentistry
Master of the Waves
Voice Coaching
Blinded by the Light
Fortification Master
Bashful - - Making Me Blush
Aegis - - Shield of Devotion
Heart of the Sea - - The Wild Seas
Captain - - Aye, Cap'n!
Wind Walker - - Harnessing the Wind
Wind Breaker - - Wind Shield
The Smash Hit Idle Hands
Iron Will - - Steel-Toed Boots
Resourceful - - Utility Belt
Kung-Fu Grip - - Iron Grip
Wrecking Ball - - Boots Made for Walking
Prim & proper Chastity Belt
Wind Glider Wind Rider
Speed Demon - - Gone With the Wind
Whispers in the Wind
Original Intent
Mark of Royalty
Celebrity - - Symbol of Authority
Wish Upon A Falling Star
Ring of Fire
The Milky Way
Scaly Skin
Icy Eminence - - Winter Wonderland
Snow Angel
Civilization's Archaeology Master
Biology's Archaeology Master
Energy's Archaeology Master
Treasure's Archaeology Master
Gonna Need a Bigger Boat
Dolphin Safe
Surf and Turf
Totes Jellyfish... Wait...
A... Girl's Best Friends?
Balance This
Deep Freeze
Rainbow Delight
Surprisingly Unlucky
Longest Tail
King of the Sharks
Tuna Master
With Age Comes Deliciousness
Gold Bar
King Crab
Lord of the Marsh
Going Up?
An Unending Legend
Sunken Treasure
Crab Fist
Cleats of Doom
Corporal Punishment
Wolf's Head
Bloody Boots
More than a Pants Holder
Journey of 1,000 Miles
Demon Terminator
Dungeon Master
Master of Eidolons
The Celestial Road
Touch of Death
Too Many Clones to Kill
The End of the Spiral
Wild Whirlpool
Culinary Master
Armor Artisan
Founder - HP+25 Founders Event

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