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Birthed from evil, the Titans are the most feared warriors in all Iris. This race was gifted with innate talents for battle and natural regeneration. Using their enormous size, ferocity, and brute strength they wreaked havoc upon the world. Initially linked directly to Eres's power, the Titans were virtually indestructible and terrible to behold as they swept aside Elves and men at will. Titan Warmaster

With the stalemate and retreating of Eres and Apollon, the tie to the Titans source of almost unlimited power was severed so that the God could save himself. The loss of power proved catastrophic for the Titans as they lost their greatest advantage and became completely mortal. More easily slain, the Knights were able to push the Titans back as the armies became balanced and more evenly matched. Retaining a greatly reduced ability to regenerate, the Titans are still fierce warriors and the backbone of Eres' army. The most fearsome of the Titans are highly skilled and advanced warriors bearing the titles of Warmasters and Highlanders. These supreme warriors have been known to wipe out entire garrisons of men single-handedly.

Rumor of a new army forming in the North and West has caused a stir among the Irisians as a summons has been issued calling all loyal citizens to Randol. A call among the Titan brethren has been heard with some being called to join the army and others being sent to Randol to see what preparations are being made in the last neutral city and Headquarters of the hated Knights of Apollon. Listen, learn, and train to become the most feared warriors in Iris and you may find yourself blessed by Eres when his victory is assured.

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