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  • Show respect to GS and GM, they're here to help you, not to get used as doormats.
  • No matter how tempting it is, or how cheap it may seem, or how broke you are....NEVER buy Gold or Power Leveling from a third party Website. The Notices that pop up on your screen are not just for kicks.
  • Make friends early on in the game, they will come in handy when your stuck on a quest or are just looking for someone to grind with. (: - Glass_HM
  • You need at least 2 DEX (for melee classes) or WIS (for pagan,mage) Points per level in order to hit MOSTLY accurate against green monsters.
  • If you want to level fast you should try to use some experience stones with nostrum to kill faster. You can buy all these things with AeriaPoints.
  • If your wanting to sell Power leveling, make sure you can trust the person who is going to pay you. REMEMBER: Not all people in this world are trustworthy
  • Dont spam Trade Chat, or any other kind of chat for that matter.
  • Try to look around in the shopping area for good deals, Apulune(Aliance of Light) and Iris (Union of Fury). Try to shop for the best bargin for your buck. If your selling things, it might be easier to sell items cheaper than other players. Some players might look for these bargins and buy from you :)
  • Remember that we were all new players to this game at one point. So, respect and have patience with them.
  • Ask for help, don't pester people.
  • REMEMBER: Ksing [Kill Stealing] is NOT cool.
  • Have fun, play fair.
  • Before asking questions in Trade Chat about quests, try reading the quest over thoroughly and looking near the NPC that gave you the quest for the Monsters you are supposed to be killing. Remember, the quests DO NOT always have the correct monster names listed, so don't hesitate to test various similar monsters in the general vicinity.
  • When making a guild, try to find some members with common interests before forming the guild. Your guild will NOT be successful if you just randomly pick people who happen to be walking by and or talking in trade chat. Do not try to rush making a guild simply because you think it will be cool to have that purple name above your head.
  • When wanting to PT [Party] with a fellow Shaiya member, DO NOT run up and kill their mob, eliminating their EXP [Experience], spam their window with Party requests and spam their Common Chat with "PTY PLZZZZ!!!". Simply walk up, ask if they need help, and if they don't then ask them if they would like a party. If they say no, simply reply with "Ok" and move on. If they are rude about it, don't lose your cool and follow them around and KS [Kill Steal] them. The chances of them being banned for having a bad day is low, but the chance of you being banned for KS'ing are high. Most likely, later on during the day they will whisper you and apologize for being rude.
  • If you want to make gold in this game but you are not a big fan of paying money, always be on the lookout for events run by GS's and GM's that hand out AP item rewards, these can sell for quite a bit. Another tip would be to make a high level NM or HM character to farm items such as Lapis, Slotted Armors from Bosses, etc in order to build up a lot of gold to support your next character. Making a UM as soon as you hit level 40 Hard Mode is not a smart idea unless you have money to back it up.
  • Do NOT, at any time in your Shaiya career: flame, down talk, or put down any member of a guild. Either high ranked or low ranked. Remember, everyone in this game are human beings and they have feelings like the rest of you. Treat them how you would like to be treated...
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