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Last updated: 02/03/2014


Tips and Tricks

General Tips

  • It is possible to see the loot and skills of enemies when fighting: Click on the boxes on the right side of the mob's health bar.
  • Archive storage are gone, but there's a bank and shared bank which you can expand with an inventory/storage expander.
  • Fortification system has been revamped. There are no longer safe points. Your items will no longer be destroyed after a failed fortify attempt. Instead a bar will fill up when you fail your fortification. When the bar is filled up you get a +1 guaranteed success. Maximum enchant is +20. Normal enchant scrolls can only do up to a certain threshold, you need advanced enchant scrolls to go further.
  • Don't forget to equip your potion in the Auto-potion slot near your character portrait.
  • White / Green / Blue / Purple gear are found on monsters. Quest reward items are bound on acquire.
  • Dungeons comes in 3 flavors: solo, 5 man, and Hell Mode.
  • Most dungeons have an attempt limit (to prevent spam farming) that resets every few hours after 6:00am server time (EST). Normal Dungeons = resets every 2 hours per attempt, Max attempt: 3 (6 hours to fully reset). Temple of the Eidolon = resets every 6 hours. Hell Mode dungeons = every 2 hours. Infernal Abyss = 8 hours.
  • If your character dies in a dungeon, you can respawn at the beginning of the dungeon. DO NOT exit the dungeon or you will use up your dungeon attempt.
  • Auction house are located in the capital city of Navea and in Guild Halls.
  • The stall area in the capital city of Navea allows players to setup a player vendor stall.
  • Players can jump and glide. It is a useful skill to escape from hostile monsters that are chasing you. You can jump over an obstacle for a quick 'R' and forward again while gliding to go extra distance.
  • You can gain a subclass at level 40. Subclasses lets you support your main class abilities better.
  • You can only use the envoy path of your main class. Bard/Sorcerer is NOT the same as Sorcerer/Bard. The cooldown of your subclass abilities is 3 times longer compared to your main class skills.
  • When an area mini-boss spawns a icons will appear on the map to mark their location.
  • Don't know where to go with your quest? Left click on the target text inside the quest box and you will be automatically routed to the general area or near the general area of the quest target.
  • Right-clicking a quest item inside the quest box will allow you to use the quest item. Some quest item requires you to have the recipient targeted first.
  • Some skills are considered area effect and will hit everything within its area of effect or path of travel. Be wary!
  • You can earn Loyalty Points by completing quests, earning achievements and defeating certain powerful creatures. You can use those points to purchase items in the Loyalty Shop.
  • You may use the NPC or Monster finder to find certain NPCs or monsters on the map. Just open the map window (Press "M").
  • Press CTRL-Left-Click on a costume to preview it.
  • Press CTRL-Right-Click to quick-sell an item in your inventory while interacting with an NPC merchant.
  • You may buy back an item you have accidentally sold to a merchant. You cannot buy back if you have left the area.
  • Sword and Shield is considered one item.
  • You can teleport to outside a dungeon directly using the town teleporter.
  • Press J to find parties quickly for some adventure or dungeon delving.
  • The party leader has the ability to summon the whole party to the entrance of the dungeon no matter where they are. This cuts travel time to the dungeon extremely short.
  • You may only turn in one bounty at a time. No hoarding.
  • Do not disband your party while inside a solo instance (like Temple of the Eidolon) or the game will boot you out.

Crafting/Equipment Tips

  • Item crafting cannot fail. All crafting attempt are 100% successful. However your weapon/armor quality in the beginning will be rank E and you can improve the quality of your crafted (orange) items all up to rank A.
  • Crafting starts at level 8 to craft your first orange. For level 8, 18, and 28 crafting, you will receive the refining materials from the NPC quest. The materials for level 40+ refining are found all around the world (from mobs and world harvest node).
  • All crafted gear are bound to the account on acquire/create.
  • Every one can wear any armor. Or they can mix and match sets. Each armor type have their specific stat bonuses and defense bonuses.
  • All weapon recipe can be learned from the crafting NPC or from Sky Tower. All armor recipe must be found. Recipes can be traded, but once learned, they are account bound.
  • Weapons are class specific. You can only use weapons for your own class or subclass.
  • Some rare recipe can be found only in places where the most dare not tread. It might give you nightmares!
  • Secret Stones can be socketed into your weapons and armors to make them stronger or add special effects. These stones may also be upgraded to increased their potency by lesser secret stones. You need to talk to a Secret Stone Merchant in order to socket/remove or upgrade a secret stone.
  • Salvaging unwanted gear will gain you Gaia fragments, these are used in fortification. You may only salvage level 11 and above items.
  • Crafting components may be dropped from monsters, found in the world, found inside dungeons, or refined from other components.
  • The maximum DMG or DEF bonus stat range for green/blue quality equipment is 120%, for crafted (orange) equipment is 130% and for gold (yellow) equipment is 140%
  • The stats of a crafted (orange) equipment core will carry on to your finished equipment.
  • Crafted (orange)and gold (yellow) equipments can be shared between characters of the same account.
  • You can fortify Eidolon gear to make them stronger for your Eidolons.

Eidolons Tips

  • Eidolons are account bound. Once you obtain an eidolon they are available to all your characters on the same account.
  • The exception are the starter eidolons. They cannot be shared and deleting a character will delete the eidolon as well.
  • If you create more characters you can choose to get all the other starter eidolons that you didn't pick the last time.
  • Some Eidolons can be used as short term mount that runs faster than any other mounts but they tire out quickly.
  • Eidolons require experience crystals in order to gain experience and level up.
  • Eidolons can be upgraded using certain rare materials and magical keys. Once upgraded in rank they permanently become stronger.
  • You won't be able to meet your chosen starter Eidolon until you have completed a certain quest. Don't panic!
  • You may have one (1) Eidolon out at any given time. But you may keep a stable of three (3) battle ready Eidolons on ready. Since Eidolons are account bound, each Eidolon you acquire will be available to assist all your characters on the same account.
  • To share your eidolons with other characters in your account they must not be "busy" and must not be in the pool of currently active eidolons.
  • The hotkey F6 F7 F8 can be used to summon/unsummon your Eidolons.
  • You may change the default name of your Eidolon under the Eidolon area (Press 'N') menu then Skill Info then click on the Change button under name. Note: You can only do this ONCE. Your Eidolon must NOT be summoned or busy to change their name.
  • You can combine 30 ancient eidolon fragments to reform 1 broken eidolon fragment.
  • You can combine 10 broken eidolon key fragments to reform 1 eidolon key.
  • Broken eidolon keys are bound on acquire and cannot be traded.
  • Eidolons can be earned in a variety of ways. They can be earned as rare drops, eidolon summoning events, quested, as reward for certain achievements, or parts can be bought from a travelling merchant and then can be fused using ancient eidolon fragments.
  • Eidolon fragments and spare Eidolon keys may be stored in the shared bank (but not traded).
  • Once every 6 hours you can visit the Temple of the Eidolon starting lvl 40. You can choose one box appropriate to your level and fight the eidolon that is summon. The Eidolon can drop a variety of items including full eidolon keys and key fragments.
  • Some Eidolons can spawn in some hell/party mode dungeons.
  • Endora can spawn inside as a guest boss in any of the 3 Otherworld dungeons (except Skandia). Defeating her has a very small chance of yielding her eidolon fragments.
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