Tips For Taming

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Tips For Taming
Seek out Meilan Snowflawer and talk to her about a favor
Level and Location
Level Acquired  :23?
Quest Location  : Apulune
Stardust Knights
Monsters and NPCs
Monsters  : None
NPCs Involved  : Heather Brunan
Meilan Snowflawer
Rewards Gained
Experience Gained  : 6250
Gold Awarded  : 4200
Items Gained  : None
Next Quest : The Way To Tame


The quest asks you to seek out and talk to Meilan Snowflawer about a favor.

  • Heather Brunan is found near the Stardust Knights in Apulune:

  • Heather Brunan:

  • Quest Start:

  • Meilan Snowflawer is found in Willieoseu near Haldeck Farm:

  • Meilan Snowflawer:

The next part of this quest is The Way To Tame.

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