Threat of Survey Camp(REP)

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Quest Text
"See those stone giants nearby? They come to survey institute so often we can't handle them anymore, I need someone strong to fight stone giants."

"How about this, they have some blistering monster stone materials, just the thing survey institute needs in large quantity for research."

"If you bring the materials, it proves you solved our problem, and I can help scientists gather materials, and everyone's happy."

Reward Text
"I don't get scientists, why build geothermal survey institue here, see? Not only is there no shelter, but also without any tactical advantage."

"And the commanders send a handful of us to protect scientists, leaving us a bit helpless."

Post-Quest Text
"From what I know, stone monsters haven't much brain, and they don't learn from defeat, always intruding on survey institute's territory."

"If it's alright with you, come anytime to help us deal with stone monsters. My stock of stone is never full anyway."

Suggested Level: 55
Start: Kironaya, Blakatoa Range
(x: 897, y: 539)
Finish: Kironaya, Blakatoa Range
(x: 897, y: 539)
  • Level: 54
  • 3 gold.png 79 silver.png 40 copper.png
  • Exp: 126,489
Choose From:
Quest Chain:

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