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Masters of shadows, misdirection, and speed, Thieves are powerful characters when properly implemented. However, caution is necessary with a Thief because while powerful, their defense is fairly low.




Class Skills

Icon Ability Name Class Level Branch Required Weapon Mana Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Description
Thief_c_Lunge.jpg Lunge
Thief_b01.jpg Bonebreaker Kick Class Level Battle Dagger, Sword 32 Instant 5.0s 3m Kick the target with great force and inflict physical damage. Hitting the target will increase your dodge rate and give you a chance to enter Shadow Walk.
Thief_b04.jpg Sever Class Level Battle Dagger, Sword 20 Instant 7.0s 3m Rapidly hit the target to inflict physical damage. If preformed during Shadow Walk, this ability has a chance to reset the cooldown for Spiral Kick, Triple Sonic, and Alpha Strike.
Thief_b05.jpg Spiral Kick Class Level Battle Dagger, Sword 32 Instant 30.0s 3m Leap into the air and perform a downwards corkscrew kick to inflict physical damage. This ability kocks the target back on hit.
Thief_b06.jpg Sprint Class Level Battle 50 Instant 3min The life of a rogue often requires speedy getaways. When needed, you are able to increase your move speed for a short time. The higher your skill level, the shorter the cooldown time.
Thief_b07.jpg Precise Strike Class Level Battle 68 Instant 30.0s 3m Hit the target’s weak point and inflict physical damage equal to a percentage of your weapon's damage. A successful hit during Shadow Walk has a chance to render the target unconscious for 3 seconds.
Thief_b08.jpg Evasion Class Level Battle Sword 80 Instant 3min Using your agility and training, you can increase your chance to dodge your enemys' attacks.
Thief_b09.jpg Vorpal Sting Class Level Battle Sword 85 Instant 30.0s 15m Swing your blade with such force that it creates a wave of energy which flies towards your enemy and deals a percentage of your total weapon damage.
Thief_b10.jpg Backtrack Class Level Battle Sword 71 Instant 20.0s 15m Teleport to a spot behind your target and attack their unprotected back, dealing physical damage.
Thief_b11.jpg Triple Sonic Class Level Battle Sword 97 Instant 12.0s 3m Slash the target three times at a high speed and inflict a physical damage equal to a percentage of your total weapon damage.
Thief_b12.jpg Phantom Class Level Battle Sword 205 Instant 30.0s Trained in the art of deception, you summon a Ghost Scarecrow and have it receive the damage inflicted by your enemies in your stead.
Thief_b13.jpg Alpha Strike Class Level Battle Sword 135 Instant 15.0s 5m Summon blades of shadow that erupt from the ground to rend your enemies, dealing physical damage.
Thief_a01.jpg Tendon Cleaver Class Level Assassination Dagger, Sword 35 Instant 7.0s 3m A vicious strike that attempts to sever the target's muscle and inflicts physical damage. After being hit, the target has a chance to suffer muscle damage, and their physical damage will decrease.
Thief_a03.jpg Fire Strike Class Level Assassination Dagger, Sword 29 Instant 6.0s 3.0m A fiery attack that inflicts physical damage and and has a chance to scorch the target's skin, reducing their defense.
Thief_a04.jpg Ankle Slash Class Level Assassination Dagger, Sword 29 Insant 12.0s 3m A crippling blow that inflicts physical damage. When hit, the target has a chance to suffer a bone fracture, slowing their attack speed while the effect lasts.
Thief_a02.jpg Dagger Mastery Starting skill Assassination Dagger Passive Using a dagger improves your skills as follows. Physical Damage: +1%, Weapon Damage : +2%. Passive skills can't be added to a quick slot to be used.
Thief_a06.jpg Dual Weapon Mastery 10 pts. Assassination, 5 pts. "Dagger Mastery" Assassination Dagger Passive This enables you to use a dagger in your Secondary Weapon slot. Your accuracy will decrease while using a secondary weapon by 15%. Increase it's skill level to improve accuracy penalty.
Thief_a05.jpg Hide in Shadow Class Level Assassination Dagger, Sword Instant 10.0s Your thieves' training allows you to slip unnoticed amongst your enemies, disappearing from sight for a limited time. Using this skill reduces your move speed.
Thief_a07.jpg Venom Enchant Class Level Assassination Dagger 54 Instant 10.0s 3m Apply a caustic poison to your weapon, inflicting magic damage. The higher your Skill Level, the shorter the cooldown time.
Thief_a08.jpg Blade Swarm Class Level Assassination Dagger 58 Instant 18.0s 3m Summons a deadly barrage of daggers that home in on your enemy and inflict physical damage. If performed while hidden, this ability inflicts additional damage.
Thief_a09.jpg Knockout Class Level Assassination Dagger Instant 7.0s 10m While hidden, knock the target unconscious when the target is in non-battle status. This skill can only be used while you’re hiding.
Thief_a10.jpg Sadistic Blow Class Level Assassination Dagger 104 Instant 30.0s 3m An opportunistic strike that inflicts damage. You can inflict more damage by hitting a target still suffering from muscle damage, bone fracture, or skin damage. If you are under the effects of Shadow Walk, you also have a chance to do bonus physical damage.
Thief_a11.jpg Hemorrhage Class Level Assassination Dagger 130 Instant 3min Even in the heat of battle,for a brief time you are able to clear your mind and concentrate your attacks on your enemies' vital weak points. Use this skill, and your critical hit rate will increase.
Thief_a12.jpg Pierce Class Level Assassination Dagger 113 Instant 30.0s 3m Unleash a devastating series of thrusting attacks, dealing physical damage. This ability also has a chance to Pierce the enemy, dealing a percentage of your maximum weapon damage, physical damage, and your amplified physical damage every.
Thief_a13.jpg Brigand Blitz Class Level Assassination Dagger 185 Instant 25.0s 5m Launch an aerial spinning attack that deals physical damage.

Equipment Types


Dagger and Sword


Leather Armor

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