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For Theif class outfits: Human, Zumi, Anuran, Ursun, Halfkin

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Thieves often have a nasty reputation, but their organization has been in existence for centuries. Their skills have been honed through oppression and persecution, and finally have become recognized as a force for good. Thieves adhere to a strict code, and their "thefts" are often tests of skill and the objects returned to their owner the next day. The Thief is part of the Melee DPS shared skill group and therefore has access to all skills of that group.



Passive Abilities

Icon Ability Name Description
QuickMeans.png Shadowless Hand Increases ATK SPEED and EVA +30%.
DaggerExpert.png Dagger Expert (Human) Increases P-ATK and M-ATK by 15% when equipped with a Dagger.
20120301092137486.jpg Dash (Zumi) Increases movement speed by 10%.
4tFxV.png Conceal Corner (Anuran) Reduces malice from attacks by 30%
rotatingBlade.png Rotating Blade (Ursun) Attacks have a 5% chance to decrease the target's movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds.
halfkin_concentration_zpsf21f4302.png Concentration (Halfkin) Increases physical critical hit rate by 30%
LightArmor.png Light Armor Mastery Can wear Light Armor. Check equipment type in the armor's description.


Class Skills

Icon Class Lv. Skill Name Type of Skill Cast Time Cool-down Description Duration
Thief_Sneak.jpg 5 Sneak Self-Buff Instant None Conceals you instantly and increases your CRIT rate. Lowers your Move SPD -25%. Cannot be used in combat. Unlimited
Thief_Ambush.jpg 10 Ambush Varies by weapon Instant 4s Increases P-ATK. Damages an enemy and doubles the next P-DMG the enemy takes. Requires 1H Melee Weapon. 10s
Thief_SwiftAttack.jpg 15 Swift Attack Varies by weapon Instant 6s Increases P-ATK. Strikes an enemy 3 times, each strike deals less damage than the last. Immediate
Thief_HiddenForce.jpg 20 Hidden Force Self-Buff Instant 60s Conceals you instantly, making you invisible for 12 seconds. Increases CRIT rate but increases received damage 4x. 12s
Thief_Gallop.jpg 25 Gallop Self-Buff Instant 30s Increase your Move SPD and AGI for 15 seconds. 15s
Thief_DeadlyContainment.jpg 30 Deadly Containment Slash Instant None Increase P-ATK. Damages and stuns enemy for 3 seconds. Only works when caster is invisible. Requires Dagger. 3s
Thief_Blend.jpg 40 Blend Buff Instant 30sec Increases EVA of all party members. 30sec
cruel.jpg 50 Cruel Slashes Slash Instant 5sec Increases ATK. If the target is Stunned, or Immune to Stun with HP Below 30%, then the target will receive double attack damage. Requires Dagger Immediate
60 Heartless Buff Instant Increase attack.

Common Skills

Icon Character Lv. Skill Name Type of Skill Cast Time Cool-down Description Duration
Smash.jpg 1 Slam Varies by weapon Instant 2s Increases P-ATK. If you damage an enemy under the Sonic Cut effect, you have a 15% chance to knock the enemy down. 4s
SonicCut.jpg 3 Resonating Blow Varies by weapon Instant None Deals a target damage per second for 12 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. 12s
Encourage.jpg 5 Encourage Self-Buff Instant 60s Increases your Double Hit Rate and STR for 30 seconds. 30s
FastShadow.jpg 7 Fast Shadow Self-Buff Instant 30s Increases your EVA for 15 seconds. 15s
FuryHit.jpg 9 Fury Hit Varies by weapon Instant 3s Increases P-ATK and strikes all enemies within 10 feet. Also decreases their Atk SPD and Cast SPD for 12 seconds. 12s

Race Skills

Icon Race Req. Lv. Skill Name Type of Skill Cast Time Cool-down Description Duration
SlayersReward.jpg Human 45 Slayer's Reward Self Buff Instant 120s Critical attacks will recover own HP. 60s
HurricaneArmor.jpg Human 60 Hurricane Armor Strike Instant 30s Deals Damage to all enemies within 10 feet of caster every 0.5s. 8s
Injection.jpg Zumi 45 Injection Self-Buff Instant 1m Increases the the caster's ATK, as well as increasing double hit rate by +100% for 15s. 15s
FlashStep.jpg Zumi 60 Flash Step Self-Buff Instant 30s Teleports the caster up to 100 feet, while increasing critical rate for 15s. This will aggro all enemies in the path. 15s
SwampyLand.jpg Anuran 45 Swampy Land Debuff Instant 30s Increases P-ATK. Immobilizes the target for 6s while immobilizing all party members within 10 feet of the target for 3s. (this is not a standard immobilize however, it functions like a stun.) 6s
WindNinjitsu.jpg Anuran 60 Wind Ninjutsu Strike Instant 30s Deals damage too all enemies within 20 feet every 0.4s for 5s. Caster is unable to use any actions during this time. 5s
BearsRage.jpg Ursun 45 Bear's Rage Varies by weapon/Debuff 1s 12s Increases P-ATK. The target is knocked out for 4 seconds. 4s
WaveImpact.jpg Ursun 60 Wave Impact Strike Instant 30s Increases P-ATK. Damages all enemies in a 60 foot straight line. Immediate
ThrowWeapon.jpg Halfkin 45 Throw Weapon Strike/Debuff Instant 30s Increases P-ATK. Decreases target's resistances by 10% for 8s. 8s
VirulentPoison.jpg Halfkin 60 Virulent Poison Strike Instant 30s Deals damage to the target and all enemies within 10 feet of the target every second for 15s 15s


Knowledge Tree

Class Expertise

Icon Knowledge Name Requirements Max Level Description
artofdeception.jpg Art of Deception None 20 For each level, EVA +1%.
artofthetheft.jpg Art of Theft None 20 For each level, ATK SPD +1%.
artofassassination.jpg Art of Assassination None 20 For each level, CRIT DMG +2%.
daggerfighter.jpg Dagger Fighter None 20 For each level, when equipped with a Dagger, Dagger's ATK & M-ATK +1%.
artofthrowing.jpg Art of Throwing None 20 For each level, ACC +2%.
Deadly Intention LV Dagger Fighter 10 5 For each level, DMG from Deadly Containment +3%.
artofinsight.jpg Art of Insight None 20 For each level, CRIT Rate +1%.
Seize Opportunity Lv Art of Assassination 10 1 When using Sneak, CRIT Rate bonus +20% & ATK +5%.
Camouflage Total Knowledge Points 15 10 For each level, Malice caused by attacks -1%.
Hand of Illusions Total Knowledge Points 20 10 For each level, AGI +1%.
Relentless Attack Total Knowledge Points 20 5 For each level, DMG from Ambush +3%.
Hidden Breath Total Knowledge Points 20 1 When using Hidden Force, CRIT Rate bonus +20%
Fatal Attack Total Knowledge Points 25
LV Hand of Illusions 5
10 For each level, DMG from Swift Attack +2%.
Opportunist Total Knowledge Points 25 10 For each level, LCK +1%
Killing Spree Total Knowledge Points 30 5 For each level, DMG by Cruel Slashes +2%
Residual Image Total Knowledge Points 35 1 When using blend, EVA bonus +20%, duration +5 sec.
Cold Blooded Total Knowledge Points 35
LV Opportunist 5
1 When using Heartless, ATK bonus +20%, duration +2 sec.
Shadowless Total Knowledge Points 35
LV Killing Spree 5
1 When using Gallop, Move SPD & AGI bonuses +20%


Icon Certificate Name Class Level Description
t1.png Nimbleness I 10 EVA +4%
Nimbleness II 40 EVA +8%
t2.png Super Speed Hand I 20 Double Hit Chance +1%
Super Speed Hand II 50 Double Hit Chance +2%
t3.png Thunder Reflection I 30 AGI +10%
Thunder Reflection II 60 AGI +15%

Certificate Combinations

Certificate combinations for equipping any Certificate unlocked by Thief, Martial Artist, Blade Dancer, and Samurai.

Number of Certificates Combination Name Description
2 Agility Increase AGI +2%
3 Destruction Fang Slam and Fury Hit damage increase by +10%
4 1 H Weapon Master Increase Weapon ATK & M-ATK by 8% when equiped a 1 H Weapon.

Class Specific Certificate Combinations

Certificate combinations for equipping specific Certificates while using the Blade Dancer.

Certificates Required Combination Name Description
Super-Speed Hand + Dancing Master (Blade Dancer) Thief's Nimbleness Deadly Containment's damage +20%
Nimbleness + Stamina (Martial Artist) Thief's Sprint Gallop's effect time +5 sec.

Equipment Types

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