The Valley IV

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Name: The Valley IV

Level: 34

Location: Valley of Kings

Type: Story

Activation: Receive from Erth. Requires completion of The Valley III.

Next Quest: The Valley V

Legend: Valley of Kings Sec 1: The Valley


"This is the Ritual Totem for the application to be a Gladiator." Erth gasped.
"You can do the Gladiator test in my place. You need to complete my requirement to pass."
"Go to the Dalia Tower in the southwest and get Carmela's Battle Plan from the Carmela Scout."
"On the way, check in with Richelle." Erth pointed to the Dalia Tower in the southwest.



"I am really worried about the current situation in Dalia Tower. Carmela Gang is expanding their territory."
"_____, the Carmela Scout should have the Battle Plan. If we can get it, we could better prepare."
"The current situation is rather dangerous. Please go ask Richelle for more details."



"Yes, this is indeed Carmela's Battle Plan! You have completed the task. I'm not surprised - I knew you were no ordinary adventurer." Erth playfully punched your shoulder.
"The situation at Dalia Tower keeps getting more and more complicated. There must be something going on."
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