The Unknown Poison I

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Name: The Unknown Poison I

Level: 34

Location: Valley of Kings

Type: Story

Activation: Receive from Jenna. Requires completion of The Valley V.

Next Quest: The Unknown Poison II

Legend: Valley of Kings Sec 2: The Unknown Poison


"Villagers are talking about you, _____," Jenna said bitterly.
"You spoke to Angi. In the southwest valley, poisonous bugs polluted the underground water."
"Most are baby bugs, so there must be a queen bug somewhere," Jenna said. "Will you help kill them?"
"Also, bring me some Worm Skin. It's great for Alchemy."
"The Rockhorn Worms and Acid Shell Worms live by the pool in the southwest."



"Though they are the source of pollution, they are actually a rare, priceless treasure," Jenna said with a crooked smile.
"Have you defeated the bugs?"
"Remember to bring me their skin."


  • 2 gold
  • 6 silver
  • 70013 EXP
  • 200 Witness of Prosperity fame


"Aha, no matter how many times I see them, they still look disgusting." Jenna held her nose and shook her head.
Jenna took out a jar and told you to put water in it.
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