The Seal of the Prairie Cave

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Talk to 3 people.
  • Tido, who is in Kaslow Plains (x: 780, y: 267).
  • Yalashi, who is located in Steam Mine Mountain (x: 466, y: 389).
  • Xiapuna, whois located in Moonlight Forest (x: 457, y: 227)
Then go to Prairie Cave and talk to the Bodor Seal Stone just inside the cave.

Quest Text
You hear a familiar voice calling you. Is it Babama?

"The seal in the Prairie Cave on the Kaslow Plains is weakening, which is created by the Grasslands Sprite King...

This is related to the local legend. I think you, as a Sprite Messenger, will be the best candidate to investigate this." says Babama seriously.

"You can ask Tido near Mila Lake in Kaslow Plains, Yalashi in the quarry of Steam Mine Mt, and Xiapuna, the village head of the Mushroon Village in Moonlight Forest for more inforamtion.

Once you have an idea about the situation, go and investigate the Prairie Cave as soon as you can. I hope it is not too late."

Reward Text

"Legend? You are saying the legend of the lake monster." Tido looks at you with a weird eye.

"I was sent here because of the lake monster rumor. It's so funny. I must say. Do you want you know what order they gave me?"


Xiapuna "Yes, there is a monster in Mila Lake. It is not just a rumor.

In fact, this is really troubling me now. It would be great if you could help me!"

You are looking at the rock while contemplating.

You know that if not enough information is gathered, it is only the waste of time staying here.

Post-Quest Text
After touching the Seal Stone, some kind of voice passes through your palm and enters your heart.

"I know you are willing to help, Sprite Messenger." Bodor's voice, elegant and determined, can be heard inside your heart.

"Yes, it is my destiny." You say.

Suggested Level: 17
Start: Automatic
Finish: Bodor's Seal Stone, Prairie Cave
(x: 247, y: 270)
  • Other: Level 17
  • 36 silver.png 45 copper.png
  • Exp: 4,934
Choose From:
Quest Chain: Prairie Cave
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