The Call of Babama

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Click accept on the quest as it automatically pops up after you click ok on the character creation screen and the game officially starts.

Quest Text
"Come to me <name>!" Sage Babama's voice echoes in your mind. You quizzically scan your surroundings.

"It's true--I am speaking to you telepathically! It's really quite impressive."

Click OK to accept this quest, then press M to locate Babama's cottage on map. He's waiting for you there.

Reward Text
"I've been waiting for you, <name>."

"It looks like you've been chosen for a special calling, like many youth who come to this island. Seeing you with a Sprite at your side makes me feel you've really grown up right!"

"The Sprites have chosen you as a messenger to protect the world."

There's a Sprite Gem in the right corner of your bottom bar - why don't you open it and meet your Sprite?"

Post-Quest Text
"Congratulations on becoming a new Sprite Messenger, hand-picked by the Sprites themselves! Now, you must commit yourself to growing, so you can use the power the Sprites give you."

"Remember to open your backpack (B) and put the workbench I gave you in the Sprite Cottage, so your Sprite can make equipment for you."

Suggested Level: 1
Start: Automatic
Finish: Babama, Siwa Island
(x: 147, y: 285)
  • Talk to Babama
  • 55 copper.png
  • Exp: 79
  • Simple Worktable
Choose From:
Quest Chain: Protect Siwa Village
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