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Here are some terms, abbreviations and acronyms that will come naturally once you play Grand Fantasia for a longer period of time:


General Gameplay

  • AOE - Area of Effect (a skill or attack)
  • DPS - Damage Per Second (used both statistically and in reference to those who deal high amounts of it - see below under Party Lingo)
  • WC - Wrong Chat
  • DC - DisConnected from server
  • WB - Welcome Back
  • GL - Good Luck
  • YW - You're Welcome
  • NP - No problem
  • TY - Thank You
  • TC - Take Care
  • HF - Have Fun
  • AH - Auction House
  • Leech - Refers to gaining experience from the kills of another player in your party
  • Powerleveling - Training a lower-leveled character quickly, often by letting them leech experience from party members or by protecting them in an area normally considered too dangerous for them.
  • Rep - Reputation (fame) gained with Sprite Kings and other factions.
    (Mostly for shorthand purposes, but also partially due to the fact that the ingame filters render "reputation" as "re****tion")
  • Rep Quest - A Repeatable Quest or Reputation Quest (a quest that gives fame with a faction as part or all of its reward)
  • Exp - Experience
  • Lv/LvL - Level

Party Lingo

  • LFP - Looking For Party
  • LFM - Looking For More members to join party, can be seen as LFXM, X being the number of seeked players

  • Tank - can refer to a Berserker but primarily a Paladin (Warrior for lower levels)
  • Healer - can refer to a Sage but primarily a Cleric (Priest for lower levels)
  • DPS - Damage Per Second refers to any class that can give high damage and won't take the role of a tank or healer


Players usually refer to dungeons by the following acronyms:

Tradish Activities

Players often denote whether the item they refer to is an item they are in want of or a sale they wish to make to potential buyers.

  • WTS - Want to sell
  • WTB - Want to buy
  • WTT - Want to trade
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