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Group: Novice > Fighter > Warrior > Paladin / Berserker > Templar / Warlord


Once a Paladin reaches Lv65 they're able to upgrade their class to Templar. This transformation unlocks an improved and upgraded skill-set, as well as introduces a few new skills.



The Templar is the upgraded form of the Paladin which grants the class more powerful defensive measures as well as offensive. Templars have the best defense of the Game. They can withstand a large amount of physical damage

Templar Advantages

  • Supreme Tanker: Very tough and can absorb considerable amount of damage against most of all targets.
  • Hard to Physically kill: A Templar's defense is so high it may seem impossible to physically kill it.
  • High HP: One of the highest HP levels in the game of the 4th class branches
  • Survival Ability: Able to solo dungeons only slightly below their level.
  • Has the Ability to Heal: Just like its previous form Paladin, Temps have the ability to heal themselves as well as others.

Templar Disadvantages

  • Poor Magic Defense: Very Vulnerable to magic attacks.
  • Slow Kills: You will find that you grind slower than other classes due to the lack of attacking skills and damage output.
  • Lack of Grinding Parties: due to slow kills you are not commonly wanted in grinding parties.
  • Lowest Damage Output of the Game: Even though Temps are amazing Tanks they have low Attack, which makes them one of the weakest classes when it comes to offense.




Mastery System

Crafting - Weapons and Armor

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