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For Templar class outfits: Human, Zumi, Anuran, Ursun, Halfkin

For more information on Defense class types go, here

A third tank class relies on faith in the gods to sustain him in battle. Not only do these tanks possess near endless stamina, they also unleash magical holy hell on their surroundings, making them a danger to heavy tanks and squishy casters alike.



Passive Abilities

Icon Ability Name Description
IronWill.png Iron Will Cannot be stunned.
heavyarmor.png Heavy Armor Mastery Can wear Heavy Armor. Check equipment type in the armor's description.
FajbilX.png Shield Expert (Human only) 15% increased block and defence when equipped with a Shield
Enforcer.png Enforcer (Zumi only) Increases P-ATK and M-ATK by 15% when equipped with a Mace
YpiIOQ8.png Noble Calling (Anuran only) Increases Cast speed by 30% when equipped with a Mace
ZSaVRjw.png Holy Faith (Ursun only) Critical Damage taken -30%
halfkin_reconcile_zpsa132b16f.png Magic Reconcile (Halfkin only) Increases all resistances by 10


Class Skills

Icon Skill Name Class
Type of
Description Duration
HealingLight.png Healing Light 5 Recovery - 2.5 sec none Heals target's HP. 25% chance to increase healing received by the target by 10% for 6 seconds. 6 sec
SacredLight.png Sacred Light 10 HolyType.png - Instant 3 sec Attacks target dealing holy damage. Decreases targets movement speed by 30% for 6 seconds; No effect on boss monsters. 6 sec
DecisiveShield.png Decisive Shield 15 Buff Shield Instant 30 sec Increases block for 20 seconds. 30 sec
ProtectiveLight.png Protective Light 20 Recovery - 1.5 sec none Heals target's HP and removes 1 debuff. -
ShieldBash.png Shield Bash 25 Physical Attack Shield Instant 4 sec Attacks the target with a 50% chance to inflict stun on the target for 3 seconds. 3 sec
JudgmentImpact.png Judgment Impact 30 HolyType.png - Instant 6s Increases M-ATK +x points. Deals Holy Damage to all enemies within 15 feet and causes extra Malice. -
KingdomCome.png Kingdom Come 40 Recovery - Instant 3 min Instantly recovers +x HP. Increases STR and WIS +x points for 30 seconds. 30 sec
LightningWave.png Lightning Wave 50 HolyType.png Mace/Hammer Instant 12 sec M-ATK +x. Deals Holy Damage to all enemies within 15 feet, Knockdown effect, lasts 4 seconds. No effect on boss monsters. 4 sec
LightShield.png Light Shield 60 Buff Shield Instant 30 sec For 12 seconds, M-DMG recieved -20%, and decrease M-DMG amount by x. 12 sec
105c26d6dea3c4111f965242e71618ba.jpg Fervent Belief 72 Buff - Instant 30sec Increase double hit chance by 15% but decrease move speed by 40%. 12sec

Common Skills

Icon Character Lv. Skill Name Type of Skill Cast Time Cool-down Description Duration
HeavyImpact.jpg 1 Deep Impact Varies by weapon Instant 3s Increases P-ATK. If you deal damage while the Destroyer effect is on the target, you have a 15% chance to knock the enemy down. 3s
Destroyer.jpg 3 Destroyer Varies by weapon Instant Instant Inflicts damage every 2 seconds for 12 seconds and decreases the target's EVA. Stacks 3 times. 12s
CombatCyclone.jpg 5 Combat Cyclone Varies by weapon Instant 4s Increases P-ATK and strikes all nearby enemies. -
DeclarationofAnger.jpg 7 Declaration of Anger Self-Buff Instant 20s Increases Malice caused by attacks and reduces the Physical damage taken. 30s
Provoke.jpg 9 Provoke Varies by weapon Instant 8s Increases P-ATK, distracting target to attack you. Also causes target to take additional damage for 6 seconds. 6s

Race Skills

Icon Race Req. Lv. Skill Name Type of Skill Cast Time Cool-down Description Duration
ProtectiveShield.jpg Human 45 Protective Shield Buff Instant 30s Reduce P-DMG received by the caster and party members within 15 feet -10% for 12 seconds. 12s
SurvivalScream.jpg Human 60 Survival Scream Healing/Knockback Instant 10s Increases P-ATK. Heals the caster while knocking all enemies within 10 feet of the caster away. 12s
MechanicalHealingShield.jpg Zumi 45 Mechanical Healing Shield Healing Instant 20s Heals the caster every 0.5s for 12s. 5% of canceling this ability when attacked. 12s
DrawIn.jpg Zumi 60 Draw In Buff/Debuff Instant Increases P-ATK. Pulls the target towards the caster, reducing their move SPD by 40%. No effect on bosses. 5s
ShieldofSwords.jpg Anuran 45 Shield of Swords Self-Buff/Debuff Instant 20s Increases the casters EVA for 12s. When attacked, the enemy is inflicted with destroyer status. 12s
MeteorCrash.jpg Anuran 60 Meteor Crash Strike Instant 8s Increases P-ATK. Charges to and enemy while damaging all units in the targets path. Malice is increased. Immediate
VanguardRoar.jpg Ursun 45 Vanguard Roar Buff Instant 10s Increases the HP of all party members within 15 feet for 30s. 30s
BrotherhoodPunch.jpg Ursun 60 Brotherhood Punch Strike/Healing Instant Increases P-ATK. Damages an enemy while healing all party members within 15 feet. Immediate
AuroraShield.jpg Halfkin 45 Aurora Shield Buff Instant Reduce M-DMG received by self and all party members within 15 feet by 10% for 12s. Also reduces P-DMG taken. 12s
VictorySlam.jpg Halfkin 60 Victory Slam Strike Instant Increases P-ATK. If the targeted enemy has less than 30% of max health, P-ATK and malice is increased an additional amount. Immediate


Knowledge Tree

Class Expertise

Icon Knowledge Name Requirements Max Level Description
wFno4FS.png Steadfast Belief None 20 For each level, Max HP +1%.
7SGaIHI.png Demon Slayer None 20 For each level, STR +1%.
BnHTDTv.png Fundementalism None 20 For each level, Crit Rate +1%.
05OJ8dV.png Glorious Shield LV Steadfast Belief 10 1 When using Shield Bash, chance of Faint, P-Atk damage, & Skill damage +10%
oVcNhSE.png Prayer None 20 For each level, P-healing +1%.
2en39q6.png Purification Theory None 20 For each level, Cast SPD +1%.
67ZuK6D.png Armor Knowledge None 20 For each level, Shield DEF +2%
rqA97h0.png Noble Faith LV Prayer 10 10 For each level, WIS +2%
PCMELZf.png Judgement Light Total Knowledge Points 15 5 For each level, DMG from Sacred Light +3%.
G0VIHix.png Temple Worship Total Knowledge Points 15
LV Purification Theory 10
10 For each level, Healing Light's healing effects +2%.
OCk3SOt.png Templar Shield Total Knowledge Points 20
LV Armor Knowledge 10
1 When using Decisive Shield, Block +20% and duration +5 sec.
YBprWRf.png Holy Marks Total Knowledge Points 25 10 For each level, all Elemental Resistances +1%
bpAXY3u.png Fair Trial Total Knowledge Points 25
LV Judgement Light 5
5 For each level, DMG from Judgement Impact +3%.
6HlMe5p.png Temple Pioneer Total Knowledge Points 25 5 For each level, Malice caused by attacks +4%
xVXv0zb.png Divine Punishment Total Knowledge Points 30 5 For each level, DMG from Lightning Wave +3%.
Xv3Djhx.png Blessing Light Total Knowledge Points 35
LV Holy Marks 5
1 When using Light Shield, M-ATK DMG received reduced by an additional 20%
NXHNdUu.png Convenant Blessing Total Knowledge Points 35
LV Divine Punishment 5
1 When using Kingdom Come, STR and WIS bonuses +20%, G-healing +10%.
uSuxEXK.png Cleansing Total Knowledge Points 35 1 When using Protective Light, remove 2 debuffs and increase healing by 10%.


Icon Certificate Name Class Level Description
awgAWQx.png Heavy Shield Defense I 10 When equipped with Shield, Block +3%
Heavy Shield Defense II 40 When equipped with Shield, Block +5%
a7q7a8g.png Holy Heart I 20 All Elem. Resistances +3%
Holy Heart II 50 All Elem. Resistances +5%
jCznnue.png Critical Attack I 30 Has a 1% chance to Stun the target when attacking; lasts 3 sec. Doesn't affect Bosses.
Critical Attack II 60 Has a 2% chance to Stun the target when attacking; lasts 3 sec. Doesn't affect Bosses.

Certificate Combinations

Certificate combinations for equipping any Certificate unlocked by Warrior, Knight, and Templar.

Number of Certificates Combination Name Description
2 Strength Increase STR +2%
3 Heart of War Deep Impact and Combat Cyclone damage increase by +10%
4 Shield Master Shield defense +50%, HP +20%.

Class Specific Certificate Combinations

Certificate combinations for equipping specific Certificates while using the Blade Dancer.

Certificates Required Combination Name Description
Critical Attack + Rapier Attack (Knight) Templar's Judgement Judgement Impact's DMG +8%
Heavy Shield Defense + Taunt (Warrior) Templar's Belief Shield Bash's DMG +12%

Equipment Types

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