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Support Requests

What to do when requesting for Support.

Support Requests

Common Diagnose/Repair

List of the common things that can be applied to diagnose or repair Shaiya.

Installation Issues

Occur pre-/post-installation.

For Troubleshooting: Installation Issues

Shaiya Updater Issues

Occur when the Shaiya Updater is running.

For troubleshooting: Updater Issues

GameGuard Issues

Occur during GameGuard's launch, or in-game errors that are caused by detection from GameGuard.

For troubleshooting: GameGuard Issues

Network Connection Issues

Symptoms: Intermittent disconnections, lag spikes.

For troubleshooting: Network Connection Issues

Game Issues

Occuring at the start of game (screen turning black), or during game-play.

For troubleshooting: Game Issues

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