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I would also suggest that there be an option,or link to see the slotted options. From. 0 - 6, etc..


My understanding is when people are looking at this page, they will be browsing it so they can check what's weapons are available for their faction, class, and level in that order respectively. The challenge we have is to present that information to the user in the easiest way possible.

For example:

 |----> Fighter  (Ordered by lvl 1-60 Ascending)
 |        |----> Sword
 |        |----> Axe 
 |----> Wizard

I know this is a crude example but hopefully it conveys the layout structure I'm trying to communicate. Perhaps this is suited to do in a new page Entirely.
--Langerz 18:03, 24 March 2009 (EDT)

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