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There were a "few" inappropriate changes to fix merely restore the last known good version by selecting a previous version then edit then preview (to check) and save.

Please use the Preview option before saving a page. No need to spam recent changes for a few spelling errors.


Please leave the main page in it's current format, and (if you feel the need to add something) add all new entries in the page's current format. -LordRapthorne

Please do not write comments on the article. If you wish to discuss something about the article do so on the Discussion tab. -Crayoness

Also do not credit yourself in the article. Users may view the changes in the History tab. This has nothing to do with crediting yourself in the discussion. -Crayoness

File Uploads

Why exactly are they disabled? I can come up with a few reasons, yes. But I feel that the benefits from an upload system far outweigh the potential bad. Especially if there is a minor monitoring system for removing bad/vulgar/etc. pictures. -Zemetheus

This. There are a lot of articles here, especially for monsters, etc., that could do with an image, and making it so we can upload them right here would be so much better. We currently have images hosted from all over the plae, which can be a pain for editors. It wouldn't be that hard to clear out inappropriate uploads, and I doubt we'd get many anyway. --Soalai 11:54, 27 June 2012 (EDT)
Uploading pictures to the wiki requires server space and different formatting. Linking pictures is a more convenient way to display a picture. -Crayoness
Images needs be within wiki, because external references can (and will) be broken easily. I understand the uploads disabled, because this wiki can be edited by everyone. It will be good choose some well known wiki contributors and give them the upload rights, to avoid problems with that right given to everyone. --Ansagon 15:07, 2 July 2013 (EDT)

Dungeon Information

The dungeon pages are very behind. I am working on re-formatting all of them, including providing information and bosses for those that don't have any. As an exemplar, please see the Angor Quarry page.

Most dungeons from Eroda onward need maps and boss images.

Dungeons from Morticora onward need the loot and boss drops added and placed into tables; I tried to do it myself, but this information nested inside the boss information sections, and no messing with the code could put them in their own section. Someone experienced with tables please use the format of low-level dungeon pages to add loot information. --Soalai 22:51, 26 August 2012 (EDT)

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