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Name Earth Star Moon Sun Effect
Scholar of the Holy WorldHammer SpecialistChannel MagicHit +10% , Magic Attack +5%
Holy JudgeAbundant EnergyPhysical Attack +4%, Defense +6%
King of the JungleAbundant EnergyWoodland WarriorMagic Defense +20%
Immovable Mountain Resilient VitalityWoodland WarriorGiant Ape EliteMagic Defense +12% Malice +5%
Trainer of WillpowerMagic Ward SpecialistResilient VitalityMax MP +5%, Defense +10%
Spiritual ScholarAbundant EnergyMax HP +5%, Magic Defense +10%
Magic DefenderChannel MagicDefense and Magic Defense +8%
Witchcraft Prophet Channel MagicNatural Witch Doctor15% hit upper limit energy increased by 5%
Ancient Wolf Spirit Abundant EnergyWoodland WarriorShadow Wolf EliteHit Rate +10% , Magic Defense + 9%
PreacherStaff SpecialistResilient VitalityMagic Attack +10%
Mana MessengerAbundant EnergyEvade +10%, Magic Defense +7%
Energy SaverChannel MagicMP +3%, -10SP Consumption Cost
Elder of RitesResilient VitalityStaff ShieldingCritical Damage & Magic Critical Damage Taken -40%
High Sorcery ScholarAbundant EnergyStaff ShieldingDefense +6%, All Attribute Resistance +10%
Prophet Channel MagicStaff ShieldingEvade +15%
Flying Eagle Elder Channel MagicStaff ShieldingGreat Eagle EliteMagic Attack +5%, Hit Rate +8%
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