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Name Earth Star Moon Sun Effect
Holy Judge Hammer Specialist Abundant Energy Atk +4%, Def +6%
Defender of Law Shield Specialist Def +12%, Chance of Shield Block +15%
Scholar of the Holy Word Channel Magic Hit +10%, M-Atk +5%
Holy Martial Monk

Holy Furor

Hammerhead Blow Atk +5%, M-DEF +5%
Bishop Resilient Vitality Healing Barrier+20% Heal Power, Cast Speed+20%
Spiritual Scholar Magic Ward Specialist Abundant EnergyMax HP +5%, Def +10%
Magic Defender Channel Magic Def +8%, M-def +8%
High Healer Shield Specialist Mending Touch+30% Heal Power,M-Atk Intake-15%
Trainer of Willpower Resilient Vitality Def +10%, Max MP +5%
Defender of Light Shield Specialist Blessed Barrier Def +8%, Hit +6%
Energy Saver Staff Specialist Channel Magic Skill MP Cost -10, Max MP +3%
Preacher Resilient Vitality M-Atk +10%
Mana Messenger Abundant Energy Evade +10%, M-def +7%
Disciple of Light Saintly Touch Arcane Endurance Cast Speed +15%, M-Atk +6%
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