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Ancient Talents

REDIRECT Ancient Talents

Earth Talents

Axe Specialist

Chained Magic Burst

Hammer Specialist

Shooting Specialist

Sniping Specialist

Staff Specialist

Sword Specialist

Star Talents

Abundant Energy

Channel Magic


Deathblow Attack

Heavy Arms Specialist

Lights Arms Specialist

Magic Assault Specialist

Reflex Response

Resilient Vitality

Moon Talents


Arcane Amplifier

Bow Quickdraw

Bronze Sinew Iron Bone

Dark Magic

Demonic Afterimage

Dual Blades

Focused Casting

Holy Furor

Lightfoot Stance


Saintly Touch

Staff Shielding

Stealth Strike

Witch Doctor

Woodland Warrior

Sun Talents

Arcane Endurance

Art of Defense

Aura of Hatred

Blessed Barrier

Dark Protector

Dashing Strike


Fatal Blade

Fire Element

Gate of Purgatory

Giant Ape Elite

Great Eagle Elite

Hammerhead Blow

Ice Element

Lash Out

Liche's Wind

Lightning Element

Maniac Attack

Mighty Shield Guard

Negator's Instinct


Shadow Wolf Elite

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