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The History of Orta

In the dim and distant past, somewhere between the veils of legend and history, all races shared a vast continent. Human, Turga, and Muris lived side-by-side in a peaceful kingdom. Myths say the goddess Nysis had made it idyllic and prosperous, and given its people a magical fruit. Called Lime, this fruit was said to be distilled from the rays of the goddess's glory and contain incredible power.

The temptation of such power proved too much for some. A tyrant began hoarding the Lime for himself, slaughtering two thousand innocents to gather it all. Across the land, statues of the goddess Nysis wept crimson tears for her murdered children. The suffering continued to grow, until finally the tyrant vanished with the Lime, certain that all of the blessed fruit was in his possession. Without Lime in the land of Orta, peace and prosperity gave way to fear. Survival became a struggle. The golden age had ended and was gradually forgotten.

Centuries passed, and the land seethed with violence. The Orta continent crumbled into four pieces. They drifted apart on frigid seas, farther and farther, as if they had never been whole.

Time passed once again. Now, pillars of blue light glimmer skyward, one from each quarter of Orta. Ancient winds stir, whispering that Lime is searching for a new master. The goddess's fruit has returned! Will the goddess's blessing follow? Legend and memory flood back on a wave of speculation. Excitement builds among all races. Burgeoned by this swelling tide, adventurers set out, searching for hope...for a new future...for Lime.

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